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How to Promote YouTube Videos Via Social Media Channels

Understanding YouTube

YouTube is the most used and popular platform that ranks 2nd among the search engines succeeding to Google’s most engaging platform on social media. YouTube was introduced on 14th February 2005, San Mateo, California, United States. YouTube is not only limited to sharing ideas but creating content in the form of videos to short cartoons or reels. The options are endless here. The more people connected with your channel the better you accomplish your goals. A lot of content is available therefrom cooking to studying to everything is there in front of you in just one click. You need not go anywhere can learn something just open your mobile phone or laptop and one tap away to do whatever you feel like. 

Impact of YouTube Promotion on Social Media


As there are more than 100 million people who use social media channels i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and even Google ads daily. YouTube is being used worldwide regardless of millions of videos across any topic and one can gain vast knowledge from it i.e. from science technology to how to use a smartphone everything is there in front of you in a single search and click.

Coming to the role what social media plays are crucial. As it not only enhances the no. of subscribers and views but also increases the reach of the video. So, that it becomes trending and reaches out to the maximum number of people who are using YouTube. Promoting your content across different social media platforms is the best way to grow and bring traffic to your video. When it comes to growing YouTube channels then “VIDEO PROMOTION IS THE KEY”. 

YouTube As A Career   


YouTube is being used by billions of people. Do you know the fact that how can you earn money by making YouTube videos? And earn money from it? So, yeah friends it is possible now. Create your own YouTube channel that helps people to grow and makes money from it. For developing a YouTube channel, one needs to know the strategies and tactics that are needed to build and make it an emerging YouTube video on the internet.  

Starting YouTube as a career is a good start but many doubt whether they will succeed in this field or not. As there are lots of competition prevailing already there and then being new to this field somehow seems a little difficult whether you will survive or not. Being consistently active on YouTube is a key feature that will initially help you to grow the channel as posting one or two videos will not boost up your channel as one needs to consistent towards what they are working on.

Content is King

The best the content you post the more chances of being successful as a career in it. The thing is not to make a lot of videos but to make them worthy and impactful to the viewers who engage in them. 

Before starting one must be aware of the pros and cons of having it as a career starter.  


  • No qualification required: There is no certain or bare qualification that one must pursue before starting a career in the field. The only thing that matters how well and engaging your content is.
  • Sole owner: You don’t work under anyone you are your boss you don’t have to answer anyone what work you are doing and for how much you are earning and what time you are supposed to work for, you being a free sole do whatever you like and want. 
  • No big investment is required: Money is the crucial factor. However, there is no big amount of money is required for setting up for office. You can do it by sitting at your home or nearby place.


  • Plagiarism: the content being copied there very easily so one must make it creatively and uniquely if in case it is copied then you must be a way better. 
  • Time took: nothing can be achieved in a short period. One needs to give time and being consistent there if want to pursue as a career and if you think in a week you gain in lakhs of subscribers that isn’t possible as great things take time.

How to Earn Through YouTube


After creating a channel the next thing that usually comes to mind is “when will we going to start earning money through YouTube channel?”. The first thing that you need is an audience that brings more traffic and buzz to your channel for that make consistent videos that viewers like to watch and the important thing is that it follows you tube’s community guidelines. Besides that, you can collaborate with partner programs getting the advantage of club memberships because the more ideas and content the more likely it will reach the audience.

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Keep creating great content and focus on the audience for the best results. Creating new and unique content can attract the viewers to watch your video and not try to copy others and makes it interesting that the audience doesn’t get bored. Although it’s a good source of income if you are truly dedicated towards it and yeah it is truly said ‘work is worship

Using SEO, Tags, And Keywords

The new way through which you can optimize around is to use trending keywords and became SEO friendly plays a major role in bringing traffic and using this strategy one can accomplish their goals and targets. Only the use of one thing is not enough one has to try different keywords, tags, and SEO ways to get a better reach and traffic. 

Promote Without Paying

Growing a YouTube that helps you to grow and makes money for you without even paying for it. Learning new strategies and techniques then applying to it and learning what’s perfectly working on YouTube at that time. But the general problem that is faced that you don’t have enough money and subscribers on the channel. If no subscribers then who will watch the video and how it will get more views, likes, comments, and subscribers to your channel. But there are certain ways through which one can do it easily without paying any extra amount for it.

How you can promote your videos?

1. YouTube lives

YouTube is a great way towards building your channel and engaging people and getting to know about what your audience prefers and in what type of content one must engage more.  

2. Collaborating with brands

Doing a collaboration with brands which helps your channel to reach great heights because when you collaborate it gives more authentication and exposure to a new audience.  

3. Giveaways or contests

The best way that helps in more engagement of the audience is giveaways usually people love it and engage more audience with them because it’s a good way for attracting people who want prizes. 

4. Follow trendy topics

Getting to know what’s being in buzz and trendy can help what is being prevalent and more engaging so maximum audience interacts with your content and bring traffic to your channel with more views and subscribers.  


Making YouTube isn’t that difficult thing to handle but you can’t just upload a bunch of videos and hope for the best result from them. But, instead, work on it strategically and do promotions. Although, promoting videos is the key reason that your channel went to rapid growth. Try to promote your new YouTube videos as a channel trailer as a high-quality channel trailer can help to get more subscribers and views on the videos. 




Aakshi Khurana
Aakshi Khurana
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