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10 Best Indoor Plants for Home Decoration

“A beautiful plant is like a friend around the house.” - Beth Ditto. 

The moment one reads the quote they understand the importance of things as simple as indoor plants around them. The lush greenery and the different patterns of such indoor plants instantaneously light up one’s mood the instant they lay their eyes on them. The room feels cozy and needless to say, beautiful and well designed.

It has been said that you can almost predict a person’s character with the way they connect with plants. A lively and warm person surrounds himself with plants and people see them as welcoming and kind individuals. No wonder why office places squeeze in little plants on the desk as that can instantly amplify your mood if you feel stressed out. Houseplants play an integral part in interior design. 

Why indoor plants?

  • The most valid reason for getting few indoor plants is for their beauty. They offer an earthly and blissful mood to the room just because they are living plants, not like other constituents of the room like brick walls or the stationary furniture that almost give the room no life. Plants are living and breathing creations and just adding a few to the room and placing them in the right position can make your room from drab to fab. 
  • The second reason for having them is because they are literally the most inexpensive, convenient, and easily available piece of accessories for your room. They don’t take as much time and effort as compared to outdoor plants. You don’t need to add hefty amounts of water, or even fertilize them occasionally, or provide them with thriving sunlight. Just adding adequate water regularly works fine. Just keep an eye on how well the plant is doing. 
  • The third and the most essential reason to have indoor plants is sole because some plants release oxygen into the air, driving pollutants away, thus saving your lungs. The carpets in your house contain formaldehyde, benzene is released from furnitures and paints on walls, xylene and toluene is present in ink pens, sketch pens and other adhesives, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxides are present in the air we breathe, hair sprays and furniture polish contain volatile organic compounds which are again detrimental to your health. 

Therefore, there are a few plants that can help you with beating all these adverse effects of pollution. You just need to buy them and plant them and keep them in one corner of your room. There you have it, your own easy anti pollutant.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) conducted preliminary tests on a few basic houseplants’ abilities to remove formaldehyde from the air and discovered that few plants were champions in removing 95 percent of the hazardous compounds from a sealed Plexiglas chamber in just 24 hours.

Best 10 plants for home decoration

1. Snake plant


Snake plants are extremely potent in filtering out harmful gases and toxicities like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and benzene from the air. It also directly releases oxygen into the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and is very low in maintenance. It is also known to help people with respiratory issues.

2. Spider plant 


Spider plant combats injurious gases like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, etc. Plants take pollutants from the air as part of their natural “breathing” process (carbon dioxide in, oxygen out) and carry them to their roots, where bacteria feed on and detoxify them, according to NASA scientist, Wolverton.

Wolverton has tested individual plants’ filtering capacity by placing them in sealed 85-gallon tanks with a series of harmful compounds, then measuring how much of each toxin remains at 12-hour intervals. The outcomes have been outstanding.

Only a leaf from the plant can be cut and planted, and it will grow as it is. There are no optimum weather necessities nor do they need plenty of sunlight or water to sprout abundantly. 

3. Bamboo palm 


This is a very common plant and is almost everywhere around your locality. Little do people know of its benefits. It filters out pollutants like formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and benzene, etc. It also releases a lot of moisture into the air and is known to remove toxins very effectively. It makes a very graceful plant for your living room or beside your dinner table. 

4. Money plant 


Money plants absorb radiation from several electronic devices like microwaves, wi-fi routers, televisions, etc. It has a major impact on a person’s stress or anxiety if according to vastu it is placed in the right corner of the room. It relieves one’s anxiousness and impatience and helps avoid sleeplessness or friction in the house. As the name suggests, the money plant is believed to also bring wealth and happiness to the house. 

5. Aloe vera 


Its presence aids in the filtering of benzene and formaldehyde from carpets and particle boards, while its extract aids in the healing of cuts, burns, and skin disorders. Aloe vera sucks in carbon dioxide from the air and produces oxygen at night helping us with our sleep. The sun-loving plant demands minimal water and a lot of sunlight.

6. Peace lily 


It is a beautifully lush plant that filters out toxins including benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. They’re also recognized for keeping arid surroundings moist, which is ideal for increasing humidity levels if necessary. Looking at its thriving beauty, it is almost difficult to predict that it is a low-maintenance plant. 

Now there must be people waiting for the sole purpose of simply decorating their rooms with nothing but pretty indoor plants, to style their houses and level up their indoor embellishment game by converting their interiors to a more natural, lush, and forested look. It would not only look stunning but be on a budget and awaken your inner nature-loving spirit.

7. Calathea Medallion Peacock Plant


The undersides of these egg-shaped leaves are a deep crimson tint. They’re a big, beautiful, and air-purifying houseplant! Calathea Medallion features vividly colored upright round leaves with a deep burgundy underside. Imagine having a plant as pretty as them. 

8. Croton Petra


This plant is well known for its strikingly contrasting colours. The plant appears to have played a festival of hue coating every single leaf with bold, beautiful, and striking colors, giving it the appearance of an enchanting dusky sunset. 

9. Bunny Ear Cactus


The branching structure of this plant makes it easy to identify. They have a lovely appearance, but they feature stinging spikes, therefore they may not be suitable for families with kids. They are, nevertheless, low-maintenance and complement a desert-themed decor.

10. Tillandsia 


This plant does not need to be watered directly and only needs to be misted once in a while. They’re remarkable in that they draw water from the air’s humidity. They also don’t have a root system, allowing them to be used in unusual layouts and hanging planters. 

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