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Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Family This New Year

Christmas! Winters! Hot chocolate! Cup of coffee! Snow! Family! Celebrations!

All these are seemingly the best days of the year for the whole world. The month of December and all the joy and pleasure that it brings is always the most waited-for days for each one of us. From children to adults and then our grandparents, Christmas is a celebration we all love to be a part of. Cutting plum cakes and drinking grape wine with our own little twists here and there, the whole family strive to make the best out of this festival. And among that celebration, we bring in the fun of movies.

For years there have been traditions to watch Christmas movies with the entire family on Christmas Eve and maybe even on the day of Christmas. Christmas movies heighten the whole vibe of Christmas and the beautiful fairy tale endings make us realize how precious the moments spent without families are and how grateful those should be who have found the love of their lives. So, without further ado, let’s talk about all the best Christmas movies you can watch with your entire family to make it all joyous memories.

The Princess Switch Series

the princess switch Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Family This New Year

The princess switch series is a three-part movie series that will make you laugh and cry and keep you hooked in your seat. This series is about three look-alike girls who come from completely different lifestyles and backgrounds and want to change their lives. With coincidence or fate, these three and their respective partners end up being entangled in a perfect mix of friendship, love, joy, and every good thing in life. Join them in their journey and celebrate Christmas with what’s going to be one of your favorite movie series ever.

A Christmas Prince Series

a christmas prince Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Family This New Year

A Christmas Prince Series is another three-part movie series that will make you fall in love with love and all the happiness that it brings along with it. A prince of a small country and a secret spy journalist fall in love with each other from different cities and navigate their journey through life together. With finding love in each other, they find their identities, their home, their family, and their passions along with all of it. Watch this perfect family Christmas movie as a Christmas marathon and we bet it will just light up your day ten folds.

Love Hard

love hard Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Family This New Year

This stars-packed movie will make you cry and laugh and realize so many things that will rock your world and shake your being. Through this feel-good movie, you would know what falling in love actually is. Starring our very favorite vampires’ diaries heroine – Nina Dobrev, this movie starts when Nina goes out of her way to surprise her date she met on an online dating site. Confusions, misunderstandings, betrayal, and drama fill up the lives, and with it comes love, understanding, loyalty, and everything that will light up your life and theirs too.


holidate Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Family This New Year

If you are into perfect rom-com then let me tell you Holidate is exactly the movie you should watch. It all starts when two strangers get tired of being single and hence decide to be their plus-ones for the whole year for every and all occasion that come along the way. With real-time and real friendship spent together, they fight and laugh and stay by each other’s side. Things then start getting complicated when their feelings start to come in the way and they both realize, their holidays’ dates are something very much real.

The Knight Before Christmas

the knight before christmas Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Family This New Year

This movie is absolutely one of my personal favorites. The storyline, the plot, the characters, everything is so beautiful in this movie especially the relationships that bind people. This movie doesn’t just say about love but it says about family, about friendship, about the community in which your serve. It’s about togetherness. Watch this movie with your entire family and it would just make your Christmas so beautiful altogether. It all starts when a guy from the past life appears in the future and that’s how the mess begins and also his quest for true love.

Let It Snow

let it snow Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Family This New Year

Let it Snow is the movie that is based on the novel written by our very own romantic king john green. This movie is based upon adults or soon-to-be adults as they grapple with life, new changes, and the chaos that life brings when you turn to adulthood. Let it snow is a beautiful movie that will make you scream with joy and give You Beautiful memories with so many friendships and relationships binding each other. Watch this on Christmas Eve to get their happy ending mixed with your happy celebration and that will keep you cheerful just by thinking about it.

Little Women

little women Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Family This New Year

Little women is another movie based on the book written by Louisa May Alcott. This book and movie are so damn amazing and give you the full feelings of family, siblings, friendship, love, and heartbreak. The March family is not rich but they are rich by heart. When they are faced with a lot of troubles from all around their world, by creating their own imagination and laughter, the four sisters create a world that can do better. With tears and heartbreak and storms comes rainbow and sunshine and love and loyalty. This movie is exactly the promise of that. That after a long day or a bad year, in the end, everything does become okay. That after crying years and feeling the pain of heartbreak, you smile and that smile does light up your world.

A Cinderella Story – Christmas Wish

a cinderella story christmas wish Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Family This New Year

Next up, again, this movie is one of my favorites. This movie is what you can call a Cinderella retelling in a modern world. But let me tell you guys this retelling is so beautiful and so amazing you would be just willing to have more and more. With the girl living with her stepmother and stepsister, she falls in love with a boy. Not any boy, no, she falls in love with the heir and that counts for something. The love they harbor for each other and the heartbreak that happens is all tumultuous but their sense of togetherness is even more. With this perfect prince and the more than a perfect queen, this movie is just what you need for your Christmas Eve movie marathon.

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