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Best things to do on Diwali

"What is a festival if not a joint happiness?"

Diwali, as we all know is the Indian festival of lights. But, it is not strictly just limitedly celebrated by Hindus but by every person in India and surprisingly it is very popular in foreign lands too. The original reason for the Diwali celebration is the mythical story of returning of Lord Ram after fourteen years in exile, back to Ayodhya. Another reason is that it is the birthday of Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Earlier, it was limited to the lighting of diyas but later it extended to partying and bursting of crackers. Nevertheless, it is the biggest festival of Hindus and is enjoyed by everyone. The celebrations see their way back to 2500 years and are still enjoyed as much as it was before.

There are a couple of things which you can do on Diwali to make it worthwhile:

If you are a believer, thank almighty

The world as it is treading a new pathway has forgotten the essence of this life. If you are an atheist, you can just thank the universe for your being, but if you are a believer take your time and thank God for your well-being and your family’s. The current situation has made every one of us grieve for the loss of our family and if one is safe then one should definitely pray for further strength.

Do something for others

The current capitalist environment has made us like machines, with fewer and fewer emotions. The world is moving ahead but there are still many who’ve bequeathed their ancestry’s not so well fortune. Till the time there are people with fewer resources, the situation won’t be better. This is not the responsibility of a single person but a joint venture of which we all have equal roles to play. So, on Diwali, if not always we should be inclined on giving the other person the same happiness and joy we get every day. A person does not become poor by helping but eternally rich with blessings and love.

Help is not always monetary, you can also show your support in kind or just by talking to the less privileged and making them realize that humanity still does exist.

Light more diyas and less crackers

Every one of us has heard this thing and it’s been in vogue for the last decade due to the declining status of the environment, but, how many of us follow it seriously? None. There should not and cannot be a ban on bursting fireworks altogether but the limit shall be set. Bursting shall be limited to children till 18 years old. No enjoyment can be snatched from children but no one among the adults should be given the right to burst crackers if it’s not for assisting their kids. Lights and diyas are symbols of victory and elatedness and this day is meant to be full of light.

Take a step ahead and feed animals

Organisms with voices should always help voiceless organisms. Diwali is a festival of happiness that should not be limited to just humans. Happiness should be pervasive. Animals are selfless and they should be shown love selflessly throughout the year and beyond. They cannot prepare good food or ask for it so it rests on us as a duty to feed them proper food at festivals if possible. Hindu mythology is rich with animals as being God’s vehicles and there are holy animals too like a cow which is sacred enough to consider its excreta holy too. This shall not be limited to cows but every animal which requires our care.

Surprise your loved ones

This is the time of the year when you can show your thankfulness to every person who has been there for you in your ups and downs. Surprise them who keeps you happy, be it your mom, dad, siblings, partner, or any relationship you consider to be important for that matter. There are a number of small things you can do to make the other person emotional from the heart. Gifts are not meant to show material prosperity but gifts surpass time and make the other person remember how you thought about them. You can also just surprise your loved ones by taking resolutions on your behavior if it is something that pained them.

Stay with your famil

Family stays by you even when you don’t want them to. So, at festivals like Diwali, it is always a good thing to stay with your family and make them smile and laugh. All the points mentioned above had a ‘smile’ in them because grieving is not meant something to be present at festivals. Have good food and talk about life that is what it is meant when you are with your family.

Do not sit idle

Let the festive mood imbibe your heart totally. Never sit doing nothing, even if you are alone. Go out and enjoy yourself rather than lament later for the lost joys and enjoyment. Set a good routine on a day prior to Diwali and go on with it. Do not let your mind dwell on work otherwise it won’t just be you who is tensed but all the others near you.

Celebrating any festival ensures the continuity of our culture and customs and no matter where you go, you take your culture with you as your shadow. Festival means celebrations and not destruction which we are causing time and again to our environment and animals by bursting of crackers. This is not a new tale but an old tale and it has its reasons to be so hyped up. This shows how one day can immensely affect the entire country and shows us the need of the hour which is to take care of the environment which for so long been taking care of us. Enjoyments should not come at cost of any of the members of our ecosystem. Let’s not forget to make merriment but also let’s not overlook the heavy costs it rests on our shoulders.

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Jyoti Paudel
Jyoti Paudel
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