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Side hustle ideas for college students

No sooner does one knock on the doors of the college, he/she is incited to make money. That urge to earn, become financially independent and all the peer pressure building around us makes us push all our limits and travel the extra miles to make it happen. In order to make this journey of becoming self-reliant more smooth and easy, here in this article we have some great side hustle ideas for students as well as housewives and anyone who wishes to start earning.

So let’s look into the wide range of roles and opportunities that awaits you. Here we go with nine most effective and rare of the kind side hustle ideas:

Participate in research studies

Participating and volunteering in research studies and clinical trials is one of the excellent ways to make that extra income. There are many research and clinical trial companies in India that actually pay you for participating in their research work. Mostly, they pay you on an hourly basis. The payment for this job can range from Rs.500 to Rs.20000. Before going for such research works do factor out the possible risks and harms involved in it as those with high payments may involve certain risking factors. You need to check if you fit in a particular research study. But you need not worry as there are many types of research, where the risk factor can be absolutely zero.

Sell your stock images

Photography had had a larger boom today since the inception of cameras and photography. Thanks to the technological advancements that today anyone with a smartphone is capable of clicking some most beautiful and vibrant pictures of the era. You can upload your amazing clicks online and earn through them. You can upload them on websites like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, 500 px, etc. There are many buyers for your photos on such websites. These websites pay you Rs.15 – 20 per download. This type of income contributes to your passive income as it will keep on serving you a fixed income for each download. If you consistently add your new clicks and receive the payment for each download, you can create a huge sum for yourself. Now earning through photography is not just limited to the ones having DSLRs and professional cameras it’s a skill for everyone to master and earn decent revenue.

Sell home-cooked food

The demand for nutritional, tasty home-cooked food is always on a high due to the unhealthy eating patterns and increasing corporate working styles and attitudes. Many of you surely love cooking and making delicious food. Even if cooking is not your cup of tea but if there’s someone at your place, say for instance your mother, sister, or brother who cooks great, you are lucky to start this business. You can start selling your food online. Today it’s not at all difficult to sell and market your product provided you offer the best of quality. You don’t even need to stress out about its advertising on Instagram, Whatsapp, or Facebook. There are some useful apps like ‘homefoodi’ designed specifically for people who sell their homemade food. You just need to list your menu on the app and prepare the food. Rest everything like the day-to-day marketing, proportion, and delivery will be managed in the app. You pull up your socks and get into the kitchen.

Rent out on AirBnb

Definitely, not every one of us even has our own precious house but if your parents possess any such space, let it even be a small piece of land, you can rent it out to someone via Airbnb and earn up to Rs.10k to 15k easily. The difficult part you would face over here is trying to convince your parents as they aren’t much acquainted with such apps. They are usually comfortable with the traditional ways of renting spaces.

Review and test websites

Okay, so you need not get disappointed about this option, as many of you may think that this job involves programming knowledge, but to your pleasure, it’s nothing like that. Don’t worry, you don’t need technical skills to test the websites. Today, there are many online platforms like ‘try my UI’, ‘ User Testing’ that actually pay users to review websites. Basically, they show you a random website and you need to navigate through different web pages, then you need to record your audio feedback about the website. It can be about the elements like the color, font, images or if the search bar isn’t working, etc. Such websites pay around Rs. 700 for reviewing for about 20 minutes.

Sell your notes

If you are a student, and on top of it, if you are a sincere student who makes good and clean notes be it written or in the form of a soft copy, you can sell them online. There are many students who purchase such readymade notes. You need to make an e-book of your typed or written notes. You need to scan your written images and then compile them into an e-book. Then you can list this e-book on Amazon for Rs 20-50 which is a nominal amount for anyone for your valuable notes. Even if you are able to sell a thousand copies, you can easily earn up to 20k to 50k.

Become a language tutor

We all definitely must be adept at least one language, be it English, Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, French, etc. There are multiple websites like’ italki’, ‘verbling, ‘preply’, etc that have registered language tutors and you can be one. These tutors charge on an hourly basis.

Pursue a internship

If you possess some skills like graphic designing, content writing, web designing, digital marketing, etc, you can take up some relevant internships on platforms like Internshala, LinkedIn, LetsIntern, etc. The internships are duration-based and provide a decent stipend for your work.

Become a transcriber

Basically, a transcriber converts spoken words into texts like providing captions for a youtube video is one such example. You can find transcribing jobs on Gotranscript, Rev, etc. You require no qualification for this. You just need the will and you are set to go.

Isn’t it that easy to have a self-earned income? So gear up folks. It’s time for you to charge and get started on your way to fulfilling your dreams. Check out what fits you and go ahead.

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