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Best 10 Publishing Companies For Novel Publication

At some point, every aspiring author or writing enthusiast has entertained the idea of publishing their own book. The thought of becoming a successful writer or novelist can keep you up at night, filled with excitement and anticipation. You can envision yourself as a renowned author with a global following, as your creative ideas, intricate plots, and captivating stories finally come to life in print. Once your work is published and out in the world, those restless nights of dreaming and planning will have all been worth it.

Unfortunately, the dream of publishing can come crashing down if you’re unsure how to market your work or which publishing houses are a good fit for your writing style. It can be a daunting and overwhelming process, but don’t despair – we’re here to help you find a solution to these challenges.

1. Apple Books

Previously known as iBooks, Apple’s ebook platform underwent a name change, but this had little impact on its market share, which remains at 2%. Publishing your ebook on this platform is straightforward, especially if you use a Mac and upload directly from Apple Pages. Regardless of pricing, you can receive 70% royalties on all ebook sales and even distribute your book for free. Additionally, if your ebook contains a lot of images, there is a significant benefit to publishing on Apple – there are no file delivery fees.

2. Ebook Aggregators

If you want to avoid the hassle of publishing on multiple platforms, an ebook aggregator is an excellent option. With just one publication, your ebook can be made available on numerous ebook shops and libraries. While the royalty rate may be slightly reduced to around 60%, the convenience of one-stop publishing makes it a popular choice for many authors.

3. Penguin Random House

In 2013, a global publishing conglomerate was formed as a result of the merger between Random House, which was owned by British publishing giant Pearson plc, and Penguin Group, which was owned by German media conglomerate Bertelsmann. This merger brought together well-known imprints like Dorling Kindersley, Penguin, and Random House, and expanded their reach to countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, and India. In addition, Penguin has a presence in Brazil, Asia, and South Africa.

4. Amazon KDP

Amazon, the largest seller of digital books worldwide, dominates the online book market, accounting for a staggering 74% of ebook sales in the United States in 2015. As a result, Amazon is often the first choice for authors looking to sell their books online.

To avoid confusion with Amazon Publishing, which operates like a traditional publishing house, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is Amazon’s self-publishing platform. While KDP allows any author to self-publish, it requires manual effort on the part of the author.

5. The MIT Press

With a commitment to fostering scientific curiosity and promoting societal progress, The MIT Press has established itself as a leading publisher with some of the highest standards in scholarly publishing. Founded 60 years ago, it is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and diversity in its publications.

The MIT Press publishes non-fiction books that cater to intellectuals, academics, and anyone interested in the arts and sciences. Its publications cover a broad range of topics, including social science, game studies, design, humanities, and information science.

6. MacMillan Publishers

While MacMillan is the leading publishing house globally, it is more suited for authors with academic backgrounds such as colleges, universities, and reference schools, making it a great choice for them. However, it may not be the best option for fiction authors.

MacMillan boasts a printing factory in Chennai and an extensive distribution network covering 15,000 schools, making it a significant player in the Indian publishing industry.

7. Bookbaby

Bookbaby is a publishing platform that provides a wide range of services, including publication and distribution, as well as editing, cover and interior design, and marketing. These services can be purchased individually or as part of a package.

In addition to distributing books through its Bookshop, Bookbaby also sells books through other merchants. While e-books generate 100% of the royalties after removing the retailer’s commission, Bookshop sales generate 85% of the royalties. Moreover, Bookbaby provides print-on-demand options for its authors.

8. Barnes and Noble Press

Formerly known as NOOK Press, Barnes & Noble Press is a self-publishing platform that accounts for 3% of ebook sales, with its main readership outside the US. The platform also offers print-on-demand publication.

Books published with Barnes & Noble Press are exclusively sold through their physical and online retailers. The royalties authors receive range from 40% to 65% depending on the book’s cost.

9. Black & White Publishing

Black & White Publishing, founded in 1995, has become one of Scotland’s largest publishers, with over 200 works currently in print. They have a dependable distribution network and are making significant strides in the eBook publishing industry.

Their book catalog spans across various genres, including fiction, young adult, and children’s books, as well as general non-fiction, biographies, sports, and comedic books.

10. Pearson Education

Pearson is a renowned British-owned education publishing and assessment services corporation that owns numerous educational media brands such as Addison-Wesley, Peachpit, Prentice-Hall, eCollege, Longman, and Scott Foresman, to name a few. Although Pearson operates internationally, the majority of its sales, approximately 60%, come from the United States. The company has its headquarters in London and also has other operations across Europe. Pearson has several collaborations with higher education publishers for college textbooks and assessment testing.

As a skilled content marketer, you likely produce numerous articles, blog posts, and ebooks. You may even create copy for clients or your own company. Why not take it a step further and publish a long-form ebook or a physical book? Your book can become your legacy, showcasing your expertise and knowledge for years to come. Don’t wait any longer to start working on it. We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know in the comments section.

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