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5 amazing literature novels to read before you die

There are various kinds of books aimed towards different interests of people. But for literature enthusiasts, there are special and intricate preferences. Standing out as literature books whether it is a short story or a piece of poetry or even framing the greatest novels of all times requires skill and a knack for writing.

Literature enthusiasts are picky with their choices only because there have been many great writers with their great writeups that have already won their hearts and therefore they are not ready to settle below their expectations. So to settle that we have come up with a few choices of fantastic novels to satisfy the literature lover in you.  

1. Wuthering heights, Emily Bronte 

If you are a literature lover, this book shall come as no surprise to you. And even if you are not passionately into literature but love reading, you should still consider reading this masterpiece and it will not fail to thrill your senses. One of the most nerve-racking romantic gothics, this is the tale of two lovers and their doomed love story. It is all the more memorable and haunting because of the element of truth in the novel as it portrays the reality of early eras. 

2. David Copperfield, Charles Dickens

The story of David Copperfield is nothing but a journey of a good human being navigating through every hardship of life calmly, passionately but most importantly with the purest of intentions towards everybody. It is the lifelong journey of the transition of a simple boy, David to a grown man and how his goodness defeats all evil and makes him the true champion. The story is proof of how in life, simplicity and nothing but mere goodness can win the hearts of millions of readers across the world and make the journey of a character in a novel a memorable journey for us.   

3. To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee

One of the greatest classics of all time, To Kill a Mockingbird is the heart of its readers. An intriguing plot, a passionate storyline unfolding the wonders and harshness of life through the voice of Young Scout, the narrator of the story. The story is all the more significant because it recognizes racism and the ruthless treatment aimed at the black men of America during the time when it was dominant.

The story is special to many hearts because of the example of the father figure portrayed through Atticus Finch and his love towards his children and his courage to stand up to the truth no matter what. He also taught all parents what parenting should look like, how being affectionate and open-minded towards kids is the way to raise them. The story is noteworthy for all the special messages and lessons, mellifluously written by Lee and her portrayal of early American society. 

4. A Thousand Splendid Suns, Khaled Hosseini

Also the author of “The Kite Runner”, Hosseini has wooed his fans by coming up with another masterpiece after his first one was a major hit. If you have read ‘The Kite Runner’ which all Khaled fans have as that was his first published novel, you have to read ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’. Because yet again he has created a beautiful, heart-wrenching, and gripping tale on the story of two women, Marium and Laila, and their heartwarming friendship being the two wives of a torturous man.

Written on the background of the Taliban war, the story is almost a floating picture of the horrors and severity of Taliban treatment, and how they curtailed the freedom and privileges of women in Kabul. The story has a smooth personal touch and has grieved the hearts of many readers who were moved with the pain for all such women who had to live a faint and painful existence during the Taliban war. 

5. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Tennessee Williams 

A gothic American classic, this story explores homosexuality, the hopelessness of a sultry American wife on losing her gay husband to another man, and the masked tensions of an affluent American family hidden within its massive four walls. The plot is unique and its beauty lies in its complications and extreme tensions unfolded through the expressions cracking through each other’s masked faces. A dynamic and intricately weaved plot that requires its readers to behold maturity and a knack for understanding emotions while reading through the bookmaking this book is particularly crafted for literature enthusiasts, but even if you are a book lover and can interpret the hidden meanings in speech, then this rather not-so-famous book is a must-try. 

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