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Best Asian Web Series (Chinese And Korean) You Need To Watch Once!

Just like Indian television is going through major developments and has successfully brought the whole television world by storm, Asian web series are no less portraying some of the most amazing eyes conic gems year after year. Asian web series generally conspire of South Korean and Chinese series which have in recent years become the most popular than ever.  

With the best of the twists and beautiful characters, the concept of the Asian series has somewhere bought itself a place in the hearts of people all around the world. These series in short are the packaged deal of thriller and romance merged in the most subtle of ways making the plot unique and thus having more fan following from people all over the world than ever.

Hence, today in this blog, we are going to tell you about some of the most wonderful Asian dramas to be ever made, and that should be watched by everyone at least once in their lives. Read further to know more about these Web series that we surely know you are thoroughly going to enjoy –

Descendants Of The Sun

Descendants of the sun is a South Korean web series and there’s a reason it is first forever on my list. This is simply the best web series you will ever get to watch. With a plot so amazing, it’s the story of how three soldiers and a doctor who gets their lives entangled in a tight-knit navigate through chaos, love, destruction, heartbreak, loss, and all the things that simply come with life.

A soldier’s life and a doctor’s life can never be easy, but when love takes the driver’s seat, will they be able to keep their jobs and personal life separate? This drama will make you laugh like crazy, make you cry, question the world, and most importantly, make you fall in love.

Crash Landing On You

The next one on our list is crash landing on you. A thrilling and romantic love story between a North Korean soldier and a South Korean-based business tycoon. This drama was just released last year and has grabbed the attention and has made people fall in love with itself from all over the world. With equal doses of love and equal doses of laughter comes equal doses of risk. Keep the tissues handy guys, because you will cry with this one as much as you will laugh.

It’s not easy for the citizens of two fighting nations to fall in love, but then again, who said about love ever being easy? Their countries might not accept their love, their families would try to separate them, and the government wants proof of them not being connected, but how can anyone get them separated when it’s the universe that has made them one?

The Heirs

The heirs is a very old web series but it’s packed and filled with all the drama you would need. With crazy plot twists and relationships that have gone sour are faced with love triangles so deep that you might not survive. Or, you may. The heir is a story about kids belonging to rich parents and studying in the most expensive of schools. Together, these kids dive into the waters of love, broken friendships, tormented pasts, separation, United fights, and emotions you could feel.

They fight with each other but they also fight for each other, they hate each other but won’t allow anybody to hurt each other. It’s twisted because this is the story of the heirs who are tormented because they go through families that won’t let them have their love and a world where they have to come back together.

Love 020

Here comes one of the most beautiful and the most popular Chinese drama ever. The plot is based on two college students who meet each other through a game they okay religiously and fall in love. However, falling in love is never easy and we all know that. People who want to year them apart with baseless and illogical misunderstandings plague their lives and that is the time when they need to uphold the unbreakable trust for each other.

Then comes the phases where businesses and ideas clash, and danger circles around Wei Wei and Xiao Nai – it’s do or die. And the question is will the misunderstanding finally be too much? Or it will just make them stronger together? Watch this web series because that’s how much cooler it is.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Another most popular and beautiful Chinese rom-com is Put your Head on my shoulder. This is the story between again, two college students who end up sharing a home because of some familial confusion and start falling in love. The couple falls in love and starts on a journey that will make them realize that true love heals all the past pain. Together they try to understand what life is and what love is.

However, soon they also enter the phase where long-distance becomes the definition of their relationship. Living in different countries is never easy, but the love between them is what holds them together. Facing everything together, this sweet rom-com will make you laugh and fall in love. If you are looking for something light-hearted to simply binge watch – go for it now.

Falling Into Your Smile

Last, but not least, falling into your smile is an amazing series where a girl enters an all-boys gaming world and starts to shine with her badass attitude. However, soon the captain of the team and she starts falling for each other, creating trouble and chaos all along the way. The couple faces media attention and hatred from the fans all throughout competing in the national tournament.

They have to win the game, but they also have to win in their relationship. They have to win for the team, but they also have to win it. They have to win it for their name, but they also have to win it for each other. This is one of the most amazing and entertaining dramas you will ever watch.

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