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Top 10 Shows on Discovery+

Reality is still a significant component of contemporary TV culture decades after the initial reality TV boom in the early 2000s when programs like Survivor, The Bachelor, and The Amazing Race first started to catch viewers’ interest in an era before streaming services. Netflix and HBO Max are both vying for the attention of reality fans with outrageous original titles like Sexy Beasts and F-Boy Island, while Peacock and Paramount+ make well-known brands like The Real Housewives and RuPaul’s Drag Race available to stream. Cord-cutters are interested in reality TV. This suggests that Discovery+, the Discovery Channel’s exclusive streaming service, has a real chance to overtake platforms with a lesser focus on reality.

Discovery+ boasts one of the largest collections of streaming content, ranging from well-known favorites like “Chopped” and “House Hunters” to brand-new original programs like “Naked and Afraid of Love” and “Race Across the World.” There are many options, and, to be honest, not every series is a hit. There are more true-crime series than you could ever imagine as well as endless variations of the “90-Day Fiancé” franchise among the many Discovery+ originals that are spin-offs of cable shows. But there are a lot of things to appreciate about Discovery+, including the old network programming that has been carried over and some very outstanding originals. The top ten series available on the streamer are listed below.

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1. No Reservations by Anthony Bourdain

The best TV host of a travel and food program was Bourdain, who passed away in 2018. He hosted “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel and then “Parts Unknown” on CNN. His first season is a little more unpolished, less edited, and lots of delicious cuisine and quick observations from Bourdain. There are many amazing moments from his life in the series, which are unavailable to stream anywhere.

2.  Planet Earth

Discovery+ has every episode of the breathtaking BBC nature documentary series, from “Blue Planet” to “Blue Planet II.” The David Attenborough-narrated documentaries stand out for their magnificent imagery and tenacious support of wildlife and the environment.

3.  Good Bones

This HGTV show follows the Indianapolis mother-daughter team of Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak as they renovate and flip houses. They renovate homes for families in need of improvement other times instead of flipping and selling them. But the show radiates happiness and DIY advice thanks to their love of vibrant colors, their beautiful relationship, and their smart financial acumen.

4. Myth Busters

Because it stayed quirky and enjoyable, this Discovery Channel classic is among the best and most popular programs the network has ever produced. The scientific team disproves popular myths and outrageous movie stunts, such as what would occur if a car slammed into a fruit stand or a closed gate, as they frequently do in films. Re-watching “Myth Busters” can be a good reminder of Discovery’s nerdy past because recent Discovery programming is less on science and higher on drama.

5. Barefoot Contessa

There is a tonne of food-related content on Discovery+, but episodes of Ina Garten’s vintage series have a certain cozy, homey quality. Garten is the prototypical host of a culinary show, giving viewers a glimpse into her ideal life while providing entirely attainable recipes for them to prepare at home. Her seemingly inexhaustible charm is mostly due to her sweet temperament and smile.

6. Ninety-Day Fiancé

This TLC reality romance series, which follows long-distance couples attempting to obtain citizenship for a foreign fiancé, is quite fascinating. The K-1 visa requirements for couples place enormous pressure on them to move quickly with romance because they have 90 days to get married to become citizens. Only a few of the numerous spin-offs from the hugely popular series can match the creative and financial success of the original. The American in the pair moves to another country in the film “The Other Way,” which is a nice example.

7. Ghost Adventures

On Discovery+, there are many true-crime documentaries and paranormal investigation series, but “Ghost Adventures” is one of the craziest and scariest of them all. If you’re a believer or skeptic, the film shot by Zak Bagans and his crew during their travels to some of the most (supposedly) haunted locations in the world can be horrifying or uninteresting. The crew travels to the renowned Los Angeles landmark, the Cecil Hotel, in a two-hour episode that is only available for streaming.

8.  Fixer Upper: Welcome Home

You can watch previous seasons of “Fixer Upper,” the HGTV show that made Chip and Joanna Gaines famous, on Hulu or through your cable on-demand service, but Discovery+ and the standalone Magnolia Network app are the official home of these brand-new episodes, which show Chip and Joanna Gaines renovating once more in Waco, Texas. While not a replica of the original series (many clients come to them with a house they’ve already purchased), the power couple quickly returns to the routine that initially made them famous.

9. Home Work

The Magnolia lineup’s highlight series centers on a couple who renovates both their own and other people’s homes in Utah. Without being outright imitators, Candis and Andy Meredith share the key characteristics of the Gaineses: they are easygoing in front of the camera, easily pleased, have a sizable photogenic family, and have a unique decorating aesthetic. They stand out from all the white kitchens and barn doors in other series since that look is almost the exact opposite of Joanna’s: old-world Victorian with dark hues and plush materials.

10. Say “yes” to the dress

Every time a bride emerges in the bridal gown she is certain she will wear on her wedding day, even after so many seasons and its Atlanta spin-off, there is still enchantment. The reality series on TLC, which takes place in a posh wedding dress store in New York City, has a successful formula from the start and has persisted through 20 seasons. The series continues to be a loving guilty pleasure because of its dramatic brides, stunning (and awful) gowns, and stylists and friends.

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