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Key Facts and Statistics About Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, which entails a partnership between brands and influencers, is a potent strategy that can aid businesses in expanding. Thousands of companies and brands have used it successfully, and over the past ten years, it has continued to increase in popularity. Influencers are people who specialize in a particular field and have a sizable internet following. They can significantly influence their audience’s purchasing decisions because they are respected as subject-matter authorities by their followers. Their endorsements or suggestions might assist brands in gaining more exposure and generating leads. The influencer marketing sector is still hugely popular with brands and marketers this year, despite the effects of Covid 19, and it’s anticipated to expand even further.

The popularity of influencer marketing is a result of the growth of social media, as shown by the influencer marketing statistics listed below. Digital influencers use their strong online presence to sway the beliefs and actions of their audience. Because so many people trust influencers, many marketers pay them to promote their products to a bigger audience. Influencer marketing is a trend that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Therefore, this post is a must-read if you intend to employ an influencer, start an influencer campaign, or exercise your influence.

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1. Teenagers are 70% more likely to trust influencers than traditional celebrities

Cheerful asian teenager streaming from home, using cellphone
Cheerful teenager streaming from home using a cellphone

Influencer marketing makes it possible for your brand to gain the same degree of trust that influencers do despite how challenging it is for brands to do so. 4 in 10 Millennial subscribers claim that their favorite influencer comprehends them better than their pals. The use of influencers to speak on behalf of brands and spread the message they want people to hear and believe in frees up resources that might otherwise be wasted on self-promotion.

2. 86 percent of women said they prefer to get advice on purchases from social media

According to reports, women prefer to utilize social media to learn about what to buy and what not to buy. Marketing using social media influencers is perfect for businesses that primarily serve female customers. It’s more apparent now that 45% of women claim to have increased their social media activity in the last two years, particularly on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Nearly 49% of Twitter users have purchased as a consequence of a tweet.

The most recent data on the social network shows that advertising generates 86 percent of Twitter’s revenue. With the appropriate influencer, Twitter marketing campaigns can boost sales and talk about a specific good, service, or brand. With 49 percent of Twitter users indicating they have relied on influencers vs 56 percent who say they have relied on friends, influencers on the site even match friends of consumers in establishing trust. This and other influencer marketing statistics show the influence influencers have on the purchasing behavior of their followers.

4. A $1 billion Creator Fund has been established by TikTok to support influencers

Dance TikTok

The TikTok Creator Fund was introduced by the site in 2020 to support creators who want to use TikTok to support their livelihood. This fund, which rewards TikTokers for spreading joy to huge audiences, requires creators to have up to 100,000 video views over a month to qualify. Over the next three years, the $200k initial investment in the fund is anticipated to increase to $1bn in the United States. Their objective is to create a force of influencers who can support themselves through brand collaborations, sponsorships, and representation agreements.

5. Compared to other content forms, Instagram posts are preferred by 78 percent of marketers

Woman checking daily instagram reels, social media is part of our lives. Female hands only in frame.
Checking daily Instagram reels, social media is part of our lives.

Compared to other social networking sites, Instagram has the most successful marketing tactics. People prefer interacting with visual content over reading articles, which explains why. Instagram may disclose a variety of information because the network is so heavily focused on images. According to statistics on influencer marketing, YouTube videos and Instagram Stories, in addition to regular Instagram posts, are the most effective types of influencer content (56 percent ). Due to this, there is an increasing number of online markets where companies may purchase Instagram accounts with a sizable following and utilize the social network’s marketing capabilities.

6. 42% of customers use ad-blocking software

Traditional advertisements are being removed from websites by an increasing number of Internet users. As a result of customers getting sick of being bombarded with pop-ups and banners, ad blocking is used by 15% of mobile users and 37% of laptop users in the US. Influencers, though, are already filling the void. People don’t block videos from their favorite social media influencers; instead, they devour all they have to offer. Influencers and actual people are gaining more power in advertising.

7. 57 percent of businesses in the fashion and beauty industries use influencer marketing

Blogging, vlog and people concept - woman beauty blogger making video about cosmetics
Woman beauty blogger making videos about cosmetics

Influencer marketing is very important in the fashion and beauty sectors because it is harder for firms to expand organically without advertising and amplification. In this industry, 57 percent of businesses currently include influencers in their marketing mix, and another 21 percent expect to do so in the upcoming year. While many fashion and beauty firms are enthusiastic about hiring influencers, many also want to be sure that the ones they select have the authenticity necessary to promote success.

8. Major brands plan to boost influencer marketing spending

The amazing effects that influencer marketing can deliver are becoming more and more apparent to brands and marketers. With the majority of marketers preferring to work with micro-influencers, this impact is leading to an increase in spending, with almost 71 percent of marketers wanting to boost their budgets over the next 12 months. Spending is rising to help build brand recognition, connect with new audiences, and increase brand loyalty, but it’s also quickly becoming a crucial channel as more marketers set campaign KPIs to gauge performance.

9. Influencer marketing aids businesses in getting better clients

Building ties with influencers that share your brand’s values and developing campaigns that are in line with their fan base are more crucial than ever. Furthermore, according to 51% of marketers, influencer marketing helps them get better clients.

10. The majority of Instagram influencers are women—about 80%

The majority of people working in Instagram influencer marketing are female. As a result, there is a greater need for male influencers than there is a supply. For the male influencers who reach a male audience, some firms may desire to boost their target influencer marketing budget.

11. There are more than 500,000 active influencers on Instagram

It’s easy to understand why Instagram is the most popular medium for influencer marketing. In all of the various areas on Instagram, there are a lot of influential users. This percentage represents 39% of Instagram profiles with more than 15,000 followers.

Influencer marketing is undoubtedly the most efficient approach to raising brand awareness and increasing sales, as shown by the data on the subject above. Consider increasing your company’s budget for influencer marketing with an emphasis on Instagram if you are a business owner. After all, the platform is the influencer marketing channel with the quickest growth. It may be a terrific addition to your marketing strategy and the most efficient way to connect with millennials and Gen Zers if done well.

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