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Ethnic Farms Are Every Bit The Village You Want To Visit

It cannot be denied that this unending world has endless places e.g. farms to visit and countless miracles to see. The great Himalayan range, the Pacific Ocean, and its pretty beaches with sunsets, man-made architectures, and natural spots, there is so much to watch in time as little as a lifetime. And sometimes it is quite possible to get entrapped in the daily hustle of life to earn a livelihood or to provide for those you love. This may have you miss out on all the fun and glow hormones traveling gives. Should it be a matter of concern? Yes. Should you do something about it? Totally!

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Human is a social creature. It likes to interact and learn through it. It is an aesthetic creature as well and oh, to keep those soothing hormones going is the deal-breaker. For people who have less time and want the enjoyment to fit within their weekend, human itself has designed compatible holiday experiences. Today we bring to you, the ethnic farms where you can experience the calm of the rural areas as well as be taken away from the hodgepodge of the day-to-day routine. To enjoy the aura of a village, here are some cool places that you can visit for a short trip!

Pratapgarh Farms

It is one of those ethnic villages artificially made to enjoy the rural culture and richness. It is a unique holiday experience. The best part about farms like these is that they can be enjoyed by adults and kids, and with both friends as well as family. Now isn’t that truly unique? From music and culture to rides and adventure, you can find everything here. Located in the state of Haryana near Jhajjar, this ethic farm is a must-visit for a relaxing day. Beginning from the music, there is been and dholki dance which will give you a very serene yet fun vibe. But if that is not your cup of tea, you could always move on to the trendy DJ music.

As we said, it can be enjoyed in almost all ways, and they believe in taking care of you. Where there is been, there is a snake. Oops! In this case, it’s a puppet show!

The craftsmen and artists here make a living by displaying the puppet show with music and tell-a-tale. It is one of the most pompous things that can be done here. The rides that are present here will definitely remind you of an older time when you visited a village or where you grew up. And if none of those were your experiences, you can have them here.

The farms offer camel ride, camel cart ride, bullock cart ride, tractor ride, and boating. While camel ride is bumpy because of the hump, tractor rides are smooth and calm. And for all our introspecting water-babies, there is always the boating to quench that thirst. One could play endless ethnic games like gulli danda, tug of war, kanche golikabaddi, dart shooting, etc. But what’s most fun and nostalgic of them all is the gulel. Because for a fact, we have all tried to sling-shoot someone as kids. And if not, here’s the chance to wake up the child inside. There are loads of other activities like trampoline jumping and relaxation that one can do here. All in all, you’ll have to visit to know!

Lohagarh Farms and Resorts

Lohagarh Farms and Resorts is a picnic ground located in Garat Pur Bas, Haryana. It is a family-friendly recreational hub that as a lot to offer. It provides a large array of rural and adventure activities with various games and sports. Now not everyone may like the idea of dipping a foot in mud, let alone the whole body, but it is what it is. And the best part is that it’s fun. Yes, we are in fact talking about the mud bath! It is known that mud has been used to bath and wash dishes in India. So hop into the pool of mud and enjoy some natural scrub. Oh, and then you can always get clean at the tube well! A lot of household activities like milking the cows, head massages ad mehndi can be done here!

All the art lovers, where are you at? Have y’all heard of pottery painting? Yes, you heard us right! The famous potters designing beautiful pots are giving them out to test your creative ability. So pick up your paintbrushes! Any ethnic farm is incomplete without sports and other physical activities. Can you picture a village with no kids playing around in open fields? That’s what we thought. Lattoo, pithoo, gulli danda, kanche, gulel, dart, air gun, and whatnot. You name it and it’s here. There are amazing experiences like sack race, matki phod, long jump, high jump, etc waiting for you!

When it comes to adventure activities, this place is no less than an army base camp.

Beginning from a Tarzan swing, you can experience unending adrenaline by doing activities like commando crawl, Burma bridge, commando net crossing, double rope bridge, rope climbing, etc.

Surajgarh Farms

Surajgarh Farms in Gurugram, Haryana, is another ethnic park spread to an area of 12- Acres. With Surajgarh Farms, you get to walk straight into India’s exotic heritage filled with farm-style activities, adventure, a rustic menu, and much more. It is a very happening place with a lot of fun activities to do that make it absolutely family-perfect destination. It is a blend of Haryana and Rajasthan cultures. There are various games for not only lids but adults. Gulel, matki phod, trampoline and a lot more. But a few of the unique things to find here are the zip line and mountain climbing.

You can be a witness to traditional Indian folk dance and puppet shows. A day full of enjoyment and physical activities can exhaust and famish a person. Savour snacks like bhelpuri, golgappe, and other cuisines made of organic fresh vegetables!

Chokhi Dhani Farms and Resorts

It may be a hospitality brand, but it is every bit an ethnic resort from the inside. From camel rides to horse rides, one can do a whole lot in here. A beautiful artificial stream of water runs through the curves and crannies of the farm and can be explored via boating. The little bridges over the water stream make it all the cuter and connect various parts of the resort. The unique spot is the artificial village setup with many huts. Each of them representing the states of India. Here you can not only watch folk dance but also do it with the rural people. They are innocent and welcoming. And they love a good time! There is very popular magic and a puppet show with confident and intriguing orators! At night, it is decorated with halo lights giving a serene vibe. In all, you are in for an amazing experience!


Joygaon is one of the best weekend getaways in Delhi. It is an adventure park and a Modern Village in India. It is a complete mix of culture and adventure. It has 65 plus activities, hygienic food, dance, and music. There are many adventurous rides like commando crawl, Burma bridge, commando net crossing, zipline, etc.

These ethnic parks are waiting for you to taste their rural hospitality and food. Have fun exploring them!

Himani Arora
Himani Arora
Himani Arora is a biochemist and a writer with a keen inclination towards travelling. She believes in humanity and feminism, and voices her concerns towards gender disparity and oppression of women throughout the world. She is currently pursuing M.Sc. in Sports Biochemistry at Central University of Rajasthan.

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