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Facts about Sunscreen, Skincare, and Makeup

A lot of us confuse ourselves when we talk about make-up routine and skincare routine. Approximately 20% of the crowd still think that these two are one and the same and as usual you cannot be more wrong. Skincare routine is something that should be followed by each one of us – man, woman, girl, or boy. Young or old. Taking care of your skin allows it to feel refreshed, destroys the polluted debris stuck on your skin, and helps you to look younger. On the same hand, sunscreen is one such product that has to be included in all your skin routines. It doesn’t matter if it’s summertime or wintertime. Sunscreen has always and will always be a must. So let’s read further to find out the very important facts about sunscreen and skincare.

The skincare process should be followed daily

Because a lot of people confuse makeup with skincare, they think that the skincare process should also be done only occasionally. But that can never be more wrong. We travel from one place to another constantly these days regardless of the weather and the chances of our skin collecting all sorts of debris and environmental pollution is too high. And taking care of your skin on a daily basis doesn’t allow the dirt to settle on your skin and block your pores.

Skincare routine is as simple as taking a bath

People tend to get scared or intimidated about the things they don’t clearly know about. And it’s a very known fact. That is why when we talk about skincare a lot of us think that the process is something difficult or you might need some expensive products to do that. But the truth is skincare routine is nothing difficult. It is as simple as just taking a bath. You just need to wash your face with a gentle cleanser first, then apply some toner, and lastly your Moisturizer. Now, does that sound scary? Because it’s not. Trust. And try to settle down into a skincare routine.

Sunscreen on a sunny day and on cloudy days

Multiple concepts about skincare are wrongly assumed and full of myths. Be it winter or summer. Or be it a day where the sun is shining brightly or us hidden behind the clouds. You need to apply sunscreen all the time. Think of the sunscreen lotion as a part of your skincare. Whenever you wash your face and apply toner and Moisturizer, don’t forget to apply sunscreen as well. A skin protected from the sun is skin that is bright and happy.

Skincare routine with simple home remedies

With all the other misconceptions regarding beauty secrets, there’s another one. People think that they need extremely expensive products to take care of their skin or without all those products they would not be looking beautiful. You are wrong. But one thing that you are right about is that yes people do use this filthy expensive product but that doesn’t mean you should too. All the ingredients present in the comfort of your kitchen can prove to be efficient for your skincare. It all depends on how mindful and creative you can be while trying to make Your skin glow. Always remember that.

Harmful effects of make-up

Are you wondering if the makeup you put on your face has harmful effects? Are you wondering that somehow the makeup is damaging your skin? Are you worried that may be in the process of glowing from outside your skin is dying from the inside? Then let us all find the answers to these questions today. Yes, makeup is harmful to your face and your skin. Limitations are required everywhere. If you are applying makeup on your face in limits and taking good care while doing it, it is not as much as harmful.

But, if you are applying your makeup too regularly and you are not being careful about the whole process then it can really damage your skin, tissues, and pores. A lot of us question how makeup can be harmful to our skin and some others question how can we protect our skin from damage and still apply makeup. Read further to know the answers to all of these questions below.

Clogged pores

While applying makeup is not totally wrong, not caring about taking it off enough is. When you go to sleep at night without washing your face To get irritated. Once in a while when you are too lazy it is allowed to do that. And leaving your makeup on for the whole night, your skin starts. But the regular habit of leaving makeup on your face overnight can clog your pores as they will not be able to breathe and can cause major acne issues and damage your skin further.

Premature aging

When you apply your makeup too regularly and forget to take care of it, this very makeup ruins your skin. The skin around your eyes is thinner and more sensitive than your cheeks and not removing makeup from those areas causes wrinkles and lines which will make your skin look older than it actually is. Fine lines and wrinkles show that your skin is getting old, but you are not.

Discoloration of real skin

In today’s world, makeup and the whole concept related to it are certainly reaching heights. And even though makeup makes your skin look more beautiful and glowing, sometimes it does more harm than good. We see celebrities applying and putting on makeup, and we think that we can do the same. But what we don’t understand is that applying makeup is their job and there are a lot of people and expensive products to take care of them and their skin. But as the normal everyday person, we are in charge offers to carry on our own. And applying makeup continuously on your skin Will result in discoloration of your real color and real skin. It will not show the results right away, but after some time even when you  Wash off the makeup from your face, your face will have uneven colors around your eyes and on your cheeks and it would still look like you are putting something on your face.

Skin care to be taken while applying makeup

  • Don’t ever forget to wash your face with a mild and gentle soap or face wash before going to bed at night. Always clean off the makeup and the dirt, germs from all day.
  • Always apply moisturizer and sunscreen before you put any type of make-up products on your skin. Sometimes make-up sucks out the moisture of your skin and a layer of Moisturizer will be helpful.
  • Try to give your skin the space it needs to breathe. Apply makeup only when it is too important of an occasion. Allowing your pores to breathe normally in everyday life will save you from premature aging of your skin.

Learn and know about your skin before applying make-up. Not all makeup Products and techniques work for everybody. Find out your own set of facial products and then be careful with it.


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Muskan Agarwal
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