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All-Time Best Gaming Podcasts

Want to stay current with and keep up with all the gaming industry trends? There are some pretty fascinating podcasts you can listen to get through the day while learning about news and advancements in the gaming business, so that’s why listening to gaming podcasts is a terrific method to do that. Big gaming companies do have their own podcasts, but there are many others produced by specialists who used to work for well-known gaming websites. You can always get unbiased reviews and discussions about your favorite game developers, studios, and new releases thanks to these gaming podcasts.


One of the most knowledgeable video game historians now working in the media is Jeremy Parish. Retronauts was formerly a 1up podcast during Parish’s time at the sadly defunct publication. It is the leading retro podcast in gaming. Each episode focuses on one subject or one game, creating a sharply focused program that listeners may pick up whenever an episode piques their curiosity.

No cartridge audio

Although No Cartridge is a little specialized, it is the finest there is for a philosophical Marxist critique of video games. Every week, host Trevor Strunk invites a guest to discuss a new subject, such as an industry trend or a particular brand. No Cartridge offers a welcome intellectual perspective on games and includes several well-known Twitter users from the leftist and gaming communities. I suggest starting with the episodes starring Scott Benson, the brilliant Night in the Woods writer and developer.

Waypoint Radio

The twice-weekly broadcast from Waypoint occasionally provides a great political analysis of gaming culture. Additionally, they occasionally merely discuss extraterrestrial alloys. Austin Walker, Waypoint EIC, the game’s scholar, and a licensed big boy lover, guides a diverse staff through the news and new releases for the week on every Monday episode. The Friday episode typically features a more in-depth discussion of a pertinent gaming issue, frequently hosted by Danielle Riendeau. Like all excellent podcasts, Waypoint Radio is amusing and insightful, but if you don’t like politics and games mixed together, this isn’t the show for you.

Three Moves Ahead

Even if you aren’t a big strategy gamer, Rob Zacny of Waypoint’s strategy podcast is worth listening to. Three Moves Ahead is obviously the work of gamers who have been playing, writing, and contemplating the strategy genre for decades. It is on the same network as Idle Thumbs and Idle Weekend, both excellent podcasts in their own right. The chess episode is a great place to start since although while most individuals have played chess, they may not be familiar with the current condition of the game.

The Polygon Show & What’s Good Games

The two most popular all-women gaming podcasts are distinct from one another but equally endearing and insightful. I’d suggest viewing Polygon’s interpretation, either live or on YouTube, as it is funnier and leans toward the streamed video style. The hosts of the more conventional What’s Good Games program are Andrea Rene, Kristine Steimer, and Alexa Ray Correia. They are all accomplished former journalists who covered the mainstream video game industry for many years.

The Giant Bombcast and Giant Beastcast

It doesn’t get much better than Giant Bomb’s two weekly broadcasts, the Beast in the East and the Bombcast from the West Coast team, for a typical gaming podcast. These podcasts will catch you up on the week’s news, releases, emails, and a variety of miscellaneous issues connected to the interest of the GB community. They are a soothing blend of chuckleheadedness and insight. Giant Bomb has become like family to me because I’ve been listening to them for so long, but even for a new listener, the talk flows easily and the format is always the same. The 2+ hour length of the majority of episodes may be the only alarming aspect.

The Official Xbox Podcast 

The Official Xbox Podcast is the only Xbox podcast that comes directly from Microsoft, as the name implies. Larry Hryb, Rebecca Gordius, and Jeff Rubenstein serve as the hosts. They talk about the most recent Xbox news, share interviews with key figures in gaming and technology, and provide first-hand accounts of what it’s like to work for Xbox and Microsoft. Learn more about the technology, games, and services that millions of gamers across the world use by listening to “The Official Xbox Podcast.”

How Did This Get Played?

“How Did This Get Played?” is a June 2019 documentary that highlights the “worst” and “weirdest” video games ever made. “How Did Our Get Played?” is a humor podcast hosted by Heather Anne Campbell, Nick Wiger, and Matt Apoaca. Despite being more of a comedy podcast than any other on this list, it is no less informative.

In order to break up the misery of living in “gaming hell,” there is also a series called “70 Minutes in Gaming Heaven” where they discuss the games they routinely like playing, such as Duke Nukem Forever or Postal. In addition, they have done series on the Mario games, such as “70 Minutes in Mario Heaven,” “Super Mario Bros. 2 with Cody Ziglar,” and others, as well as general programs about the world of videogames, such as backlog and first-person shooters.

What’s Good Game

In the world of game podcasts, this is novel. The hosts of the podcast “What’s Good Games” are Join Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher, and Kristine Steimer. They respond to queries from their listeners while also discussing the most recent news and breaking video game analysis. They discuss a wide range of topics, including their favorite video gaming news, new consoles, and technology. An excellent podcast if you want to hear things from a different viewpoint.

The Nextlander podcast

Vinny Caravella, Brad Shoemaker, and Alex Navarro are the hosts of this podcast. With weekly talks and reviews about what’s hot, what they’re playing, what’s going on in the gaming world, and whatever else they’re up to, they share their expertise, knowledge, and passion for games.

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