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The Impact of Smartphones on the Development of Children

Advantages and Disadvantages

In this Modern world, smartphones are becoming our priority. Our day beginnings with it and stops with it. Mobile phone use has already started to affect some of the youngest users. According to studies, everyone wastes too much time on their phones. It should come as no surprise that smartphones and tablets have now replaced balls and dolls on a child’s wish list.

Advantages of Smartphone

When the smartphone was launch, only adults can use this device but with time not only adults are using these children also are using this gadget. However, this smartphone has some advantages and it can also help children to develop.

  • According to a study, providing mobile to school-going children will give them an additional way of learning, Apart from traditional books or schools. With the smartphone, they can permit a lot of learning resources such as encyclopedia, Wikipedia, educational applications, and websites. These applications can be regularly revised online to add new data.
  • Most of the phones offer much high functionality that is related to what a computer does. For intense, compressing the device with productivity devices. Many tools are available that allow children to use them for creating their homework, school assignment, or class presentations. It would be not difficult if their teachers will expect them to accept it via email or cloud services.
  • With the help of GPS (Global Positioning System), that we have in our smartphones we can easily track our children’s phone whenever they go. Every time they access their social networking sites, we can automatically determine their localities gives us the ability to monitor them if ever they bunk or miss their classes. For some parents, this application can also be maximized to infer if their kids are violating their curfew hours by wriggling out of the house.
  • In their free time, when children feel exhausted and need a break you can let them play with their gadgets by installing some child-friendly games. You can also use this method of reward if they can do their homework or anything work you give them to do. Make sure that these games are appropriate for them. You can also play with them and make it your bonding moment.
  • With the navigation feature in our smartphone, we can be sure that they arrive safely at their destination. Mainly, this requires us teaching them how to use it.
  • Through early suggestions and support, parents and teachers can enlarge children to learn how to self-regulate the time they waste on their phones. This lesson will help them develop and practice healthy self-awareness and self-reflection exercises that will better ready them for science and, eventually, young adultness.  

Even though smartphones have benefits for child development, it also makes a bad impact on their development. If they can’t use it well. As parents or teachers, we should take care of it.

Disadvantages of Smartphone

Smartphones may be an easy way to engage and make children busy. But, they come with their own set of guilt. Now, we discuss the disadvantages of the smartphone.  

  • Studies show that it has a risk of tumours for those who use smartphones extremely. There is limited information that tumours are affected due to mobile radiation, but as a parent or teacher, you may want to restrict the time your kids use phones to avoid any other possible risk.
  • Many studies indicate that the human brain is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, however, there is a need for more this type of evidence to verify the radiation could disturb brain activity. What could influence the brain is the content the child is endangered to and the screen time. So, parents must monitor or limit screen time.
  • Mobile phones are keeping the brain continuously busy without any rest, children tend to be more annoying. They will become more violent and irritated even at normal discussions. The worst case is that children stop communicating with the family altogether. Children can feel the need to constantly check for massages. They become irritable when they stay away from their smartphones for any short time.  
  • Many children carry a smartphones along with them to their schools. Playing games, chatting with friends during school breaks, or even in their classrooms. This can impact their studies and they cannot pay attention in their classes.
  • Mobile phones not only distract children from studies but may also be their tool of malpractices to score well in exams. Using as a calculator in exams where it isn’t allowed. This kind of behaviour not only affects academic performance but also results in a personality issue.
  • Children may stay up late speaking to friends, scrolling, watching movies or playing games, which over some time, causes fatigue and unrest. It also disturbs school or college life, as kids are too sleepy to unfocused on their study.  

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  • Like any other appliance, the smartphone is a tool and can be used for wrong objectives. Kids could come across improper messages, photos, videos or texts shared by their groups or by their friends. They can find their path to pornography at a before age. Shifting their perceptions and thought process. Even exchanging pictures of their own. Can create a lifetime effect for a long time.
  • Children on social media may come in connection with cyber-bullies who harm and tease them over the internet or social networking sites. Many children who have been cyber-bullied may only admit their experience much social networking when internal damage has already been done. Social media may also comprise depression and uncertainty when the kids are not given the online attention they expect.
  • With children stick with the mobile during their free time, they don’t take role in physical activity and get fresh air. This puts them in danger of heftiness and other illnesses, which can later develop diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.


It is very important to take care of your child while they are growing. There is some point that we should follow:

  • Avoid giving smartphones to your child, under the age of 17. You have to stay in touch with their teachers and school friends to assure your child’s safety.
  • As a parent, every people in the house prohibits their use of phones when they are around kids. This is not only for the objectives of preventing radiation but to create a decent example for our children.
  • If you are nervous about the radiation you have to make your child limit to use phones. There is no such information to prove this, but if it gives you relief do it.

Smartphone has become a significant risk in child’s life. These gadgets diminish the academic attention of students. The possibility of the loss of spiritual values in children due to the disclosure of unhealthy stuff on the internet is a topic of concern. As we can see, the cons of smartphones are more than prosperous. So it is high time for us to control the affinity of children towards the phones to mould up a reasonable generation in near future. Do not provide phones to your child before the right age, as a parent we should take care of this.

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