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Mother’s Day – Origin, Facts, And A Celebration!

Mom! Mumma! Mummy! Mother! Maa! Mommy! 

A mother is a mother 365 days a year being on duty for 24 hours a day and hence their work never really ends. We are all here or wherever in the world we are, we exist because of our mother. We call them through different names and different versions but a mother’s love forever stays the same.

We all look at our mothers through different lenses and different lights according to the situations that arise but our mothers and their love and their concern stay all the same.

Sometimes, we are so busy regarding our mothers as mothers that we forget that apart from being our mothers, they are someone’s sister, someone else’s daughter, a wife, a friend, and an individual human. This Mother’s Day let’s try to understand our mother a little bit better, this mother’s day let’s not just treat them as our mothers but as an individual human being too.

Let’s forget for a second that they are our mothers and let them know that it’s okay if they have their issues. A lot of people say that a child loves their mother every day and nothing is interesting about making one-day special. However, let’s take time out from our busy schedules and for one day in a year make them feel special. Let’s ask about their day, let’s cook food for them, let’s ask if they are okay and if there’s something on their mind. We can do that right? Right?

Hence, on this day, today, let’s first try to know what is the origin of this beautiful day. Let’s read further to know who is that one person who is the sole reason for originating mother’s day and what are the events that eventually lead to the occasion of reserving one day for mothers all around the world.

Origin Of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was first ever celebrated and acknowledged in the state of the United States and over the years it has gained popularity and has been successfully turned into a day of celebration that is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of every me once a year.

Anna Jarvis belonging from Philadelphia was the first ever person to bring the concept of mothers day into existence. Anna’s mother used to organize Women’s groups and functions to promote friendship, health, and relationship in society. In the year of 1907 Anna tribute to her deceased mother on her grave and less than 5 years, it was adopted as a national holiday all over the world.

And a day that was started with honoring a deceased mother became a worldwide celebration where people and cultures started symbolizing the red carnation for the love of their mothers who are still alive with them and white carnations for the ones who are not in this world anymore. Soon, giving gifts and cutting cakes, and posting pictures begin and every year trends for people both national and international.

 Slowly, as time passed the celebration started including grandmothers, and every other figure who gives us the motherly love and care and turn into something majestic altogether.  However, sadly Anna was not in the favour of all the commercialization that a simple tradition of honoring our mothers must get a team to enhance she spent the last years of her life trying to abolish the very event and the occasion she had brought into existence.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Mother’s Day

There are some of the very interesting facts that you might have not known about mother’s day – but you are about to. Read ahead to know what all the interesting changes this one day has brought all around the world.

First and foremost over the years, Mother’s day has been that one day when there are more calls made than any other day of the year. All the network companies reportedly have seen a major hike in the phone calls that were made on this day every year. An approx. of 122 million calls are made on the second Sunday of May every year.

Mother’s day is the third biggest flower selling day universally in the entire year. After Christmas and Hanukkah, Mother’s day is that one day when the florists all over the world have reported that their sales especially on mother’s day have seen a rise.  And to be very honest, can anybody blame them? Flowers count to be one of the most wonderful gifts ever. It is analyzed that one-quarter of the flowers in the world are sold on this day. Cool. Right?

The third fact is that in and after 2018, it is reported that over $23 billion is been sent for the gifts of mother’s day. A turnover so high it’s capable of making businesses run. A nationwide calculation shows that 4.6 billion dollars has been spent on jewelry and 4.2 billion on brunches, and dinners, and the rest part on gifts and stuff making the approx. of 180 dollars spent by an individual.

In the end, we guess this was the commercialization that Anna Javier the peacemaker and the one who brought mother’s day into existence tried to stop it. She did not want the emotional and the honorable day for a mother to be turned into a circus. However, no matter if you are giving expensive gifts to your mothers or just putting out a genuine wish, at the end of the day, mothers will be mothers.

Nagging us, scolding us, hugging us, cooking for us, and making us feel the safest in her lap. No matter if there are any special days for them or not, a love of a child for their mother would simply never dim. And to those folks, who are reading this and for some reason you are not with your mother right now – don’t worry, she is always with you. Always have. Always will. Loving you from agar and twisting your ears when around. And to the mothers reading this, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY you amazing soul. Thank you for the sacrifices you make for us and sorry for being an intolerable piece – Here’s a daughter wishing every single mother out there – may you live long, and may you live big.

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