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10 Interesting Facts of Christmas

Christmas is a widely celebrated festival all over the world. It is celebrated as a remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, according to Christian beliefs. But as a festival, it is celebrated irrespective of religion or faith and is a time of celebration and rejoicing for all of the people all over the world. 

Houses and streets light up with Christmas trees, carols are enthusiastically sung in churches and places of gathering, houses deck up with decorations and Santa is believed to be approaching with boxes full of presents for all. 

While it is indeed a beautiful and heartwarming festival and everyone, especially Christians await the month of December to celebrate Christmas with friends and family, there are but a lot of unheard and interesting facts about the festival of joy. Let’s explore some of them. 

Authentic Day of Christmas

Historians have claimed that Jesus was born sometime during the Spring season. The date of 25th December as Christ’s birth date has not been mentioned anywhere in the bible. They further claimed that 25th December is the birth date of Saturn, the god of gifting and celebrating and hence Christ’s birthday and both Christmas are celebrated on this day. 

“Jingle Bells” – Not a Christmas Song

Jingle Bells was originally a song for Thanksgiving. Pierpont, the songwriter, wrote “One Horse Open Sleigh” in the 19th century for a Thanksgiving concert, until in 1857 when the song was re-released under the title ‘We All Know And Love’ and was transformed into a Christmas song. 

‘Silent Night’ supremacy

Carols sound amazing, doesn’t it? But do you know the most favorite carol of the people? It’s the ‘Silent Night, Holy Night”, the most recorded Christmas song in history with a heaping 733 versions and has been copyrighted since 1978. 

Santa’s Postal Address 

Santa is Canadian, would you believe that? Yes, because he has a Canadian Postal Code. All the enthusiastic kids have sent in hundreds of letters for Santa with the hope of getting one single reply, and some kind-hearted Canadian Post Office employees have actually sent a reply back to put a smile on all the children’s faces. Later, they also set up a special postal code for receiving letters for Santa – Santa Letter Writing Program: HOH OHO. 

Dry Christmas trees – happiness or disaster? 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission confirms that dried-out Christmas trees spark fire all around and are the cause of deaths and huge damage to property in the United States. So next time before you abandon another Christmas tree, think how much you’re affecting the firefighter’s and the residents’ holidays. 

Statue Of Liberty, the tallest Christmas gift 

We all spend a lot of money to buy gifts for our loved ones, but do you know about a mind-boggling gift? France gifted the US, ‘The Statue Of Liberty’ weighing 225 tons in 1886 and it is the tallest Christmas gift ever. 

Jingle Bells enjoyed in space

Not only that, it is the first-ever song to be played in space. However, the crew of NASA’s Gemini 6A spacecraft got into the holiday mood and created history on December 16, 1965, when they performed “Jingle Bells,” earning the cheerful jingle the Guinness World Record for being the first song ever performed in space. 

No Breakup – A Splendid Day 

Not only is Christmas a day of spreading happiness and joy and gifts and hugs, but it is also the day that has recorded the lowest number of breakups. A 2015 study by Facebook has recorded the fewest number of breakups. So you can plan a good day without having the fear of breaking up with your significant other. 

Carey’s song “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Mariah Carey wrote this song in 15 minutes. Can you imagine? This pop song is famous and commendable all the more for this reason. 

The Christmas tricolour

Most Christmas decorations are red, green, and gold, which are the three classic hues. Red depicts Christ’s blood, green represents life and rebirth, and gold denotes light, royalty, and prosperity. 

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