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The Most Mysterious Diseases You Might Not Know About!

As the world is continuing towards a different era and as generations, by generations, we are passing all phases of our lives, through everything there is simply one thing that we can’t deny and that is that with every step taken by us towards modernization, we are also taking one towards the weird and mysterious diseases that come out of nowhere and wrecks us with so much of shock that the scientists to become tongue-tied in front of them.

Hence, over the years we all as human beings living on planet earth have faced a lot of challenges – be it tsunamis, coronavirus lockdown, flood, plague, Everything.

However, for now, some such diseases have not attained much attention, but they exist nonetheless and can be life-threatening, weird to read, and shocking to digest. We are going to talk about various diseases that are happening to people all around the world, irrespective of their caste, gender, age, place of living, and lifestyle. Let’s go, and know more about such mysterious diseases and make ourselves educated enough to keep ourselves and our families safe. After all – “prevention is better than cure.”

Stoneman Syndrome

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive (FOP), also called Stoneman syndrome is the first one on our list of mysterious diseases. This is one of the rarest diseases and is seen in only one person in the count of two million people. The ultimate condition of this disease is that it slowly turns every tissue, every ligament, and every muscle of one’s body into bone.

This disorder starts progressing from the area of the neck and shoulders and then slowly progresses towards the downwards part of the whole body. Sooner rather than later, it makes it difficult for the patient to open his mouth which restricts him from talking freely and eating and drinking.

Moreover, the rarity of this disease and the rarity of the symptoms have not provided the doctors and the researchers with enough materials to find a cure for it. Hence, there is absolutely no medical cure that can save a person’s life from turning into stone. Operating on the patient for this disorder can lead him to further danger and threaten his life faster than the ultimate time.

The patients and individuals with this disease can get easily hurt or dislocated even by a small accident or a small fall because the whole body has been turned into the bone and no muscles have been left for giving safety measures or acting as a barrier.

Alice In Wonderland Syndrome

As weird as this disease sounds, the symptoms couldn’t have been weirder. This disease was first brought to notice in 1955 and Dr. John Todd was the one who first gave the disorder its name after the book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll as the symptoms are said to be almost the same as what Alice went through in the book.

The person suffering from this disorder gets the sense that his body is acting and going through completely abnormal changes, but in reality nothing such instances happen. The sufferer might think that their hands and legs or head have grown or shrunk, and they would find trouble with having a clear vision too.

The ground beneath them would feel too close to them or the corridor in which they are walking would seem to have been unnecessarily long. The other distorted symptoms can be summed up like the ground has become spongy or the hot coffee has become cold as ice, for them the time might pass too slow or so fast that they can’t wrap their heads around it.

There is absolutely no treatment found yet for these disease as this disorder is also the rarest and haven’t been found to have affected any other person since or after 1955.

Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS)

The frequency of this disease is one in every four million people. However, it shouldn’t by any cause be taken easily because more than 140 cases have been reported and registered in the scientific literature internationally and globally since 1886. HGPS is an extremely rare disease that causes the patient to age abnormally fast rather than having a normal growth.

In this disease, the sufferer stays alive until they have turned in their twenties or until their teens as they go through a very rapid aging process. Symptoms like losing hair, whitening of hair, fat loss, joint issues, sagged muscles, kidney failure, loss of eyesight, brittle and very weak bones, and every other symptom that a typical old age person goes through.

No matter if the patient is of 5 years old or 15 years old, they would start looking as if they have gotten old just like our grandparents and other older people we know, having a very short span of existence since no cure has been found for this disease too.


The frequency, firstly, of this disease is one among one million people, counted globally. This disease is also called the “black urine disease” apart from Alkaptonuria. In this disease, the skin and the parts of the sufferer turn into a blackish shade literally and over time tends to cause other problems that can be life-threatening. It is said that this disease is somewhat inherited and it blocks the two protein blocks named phenylalanine and tyrosine from breaking down.

It then results from the increase and the build-up of a certain chemical that is called homogentisic acid in the body which darkens the color of the body parts and also if urine.

The build-up of amino acids among other acids can almost occur in any part and area of the body including tendons, cartilage, bones, nails, ears, heart, and other places. The life expectancy is almost normal for the patient but the quality of life is what is decreased. A certain diet for the patients is prescribed in the literature as there is no strong treatment or cure available for the disease.

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