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How To Become a Data Scientist?

Data science is a career option that is becoming popular with each passing day. More and more people are taking up data science courses to become one. But you must be wondering what is it in this field that is making it popular? Well, the first reason is career opportunities, growth, and salary. With high salaries and amazing job positions, anybody will take up the course! 

Secondly, as a data scientist, one gets to sharpen old skills and acquire new ones that can help one in the long run. There are several reasons to become a data scientist by learning in-depth about the data science course subjects. 

So, let us begin by learning what a data scientist is and how you can become one! Remember that the knowledge of prerequisites, qualifications, and job responsibilities is significant to have before starting the pursuit of a data science career.

Who is a Data Scientist? 

A Data Scientist is defined as a professional who possesses expertise in analyzing and interpreting data. Data scientists use their professional skills in order to help organizations make better decisions, thereby improving their operations. Data scientists possess mathematical skills, statistical skills, computer science skills, etc. They use this knowledge in order to analyze data and find trends/ patterns. It is important to note that data scientists develop new ways of collecting and storing data. 

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What Does a Data Scientist Do? 

Data scientists have certain roles and responsibilities that have to be fulfilled on a daily basis. So, let us have a look at them! 

  • Find patterns as well as trends to uncover insights in data sets. 
  • Create algorithms and data models to know about future outcomes.
  • Use several machine learning techniques that might improve the quality of data offering. 
  • Tell the other team members about various techniques, methods, etc., to fulfill and complete the projects. 
  • Using tools like SQL, Java, Python, etc., in data analysis. 

Qualifications Required to Become a Data Scientist 

In order to become a data scientist, one can take up a data science course to strengthen their mathematical and analytical skills. Through these courses, one will be able to understand complex concepts. 

There are no qualifications required to become a data scientist. But one must know how to use software packages and have a good knowledge of programming languages like Python, React, Java, etc. 

Prerequisites For a Data Scientist 

If you wish to become a data scientist, then you need to have a strong background in mathematics, stats, and computer skills. Along with theoretical knowledge, one must also know how to practically apply it. 

Though there is no specific path to becoming a data scientist, below are some prerequisites listed that can improve your chances of becoming a data scientist. 

  • A stronghold in mathematics and computer science. As a data scientist, one must be working with large amounts of data. It is also important to have a good knowledge of statistics and other algorithms as well. 
  • A data scientist must have experience with a heavy amount of data. Data Scientists must be able to manipulate and analyze data sets. Along with this, it is also important to have experience in working with these data sets before you become a data scientist. 
  • A data scientist must have some machine learning knowledge as well. Machine learning and statistical modeling are two of the most powerful tools that data scientists use for making predictions. Thus, knowing how to use these two tools is essential to becoming a data scientist. 
  • Strong communication skills are one of the important soft skills that must be possessed by a data scientist. Data scientists must be able to communicate effectively to make people understand various things. Thus, good communication and visualization skills are necessary for a data scientist. 
  • Data Science is a constantly evolving field. Therefore, data scientists should always be open to learning new techniques, methods, etc. They should have a willingness to learn. For this, they can have a Data Science Bootcamp review and master the tools and techniques for becoming a data scientist.  

How to Become a Data Scientist?

Becoming a data scientist requires formal training. Below are some steps that a candidate can consider. 

1. Earning a degree

In order to become a successful data scientist, a candidate can earn a degree in any field related to data science. Often, recruiters see the credentials one has gained. Thus, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in subjects like stats, mathematics, computer science, etc. If one already has a graduation degree, then he/ she can go for a master’s degree to understand the concepts of machine learning, stats, algorithms, etc., deeply. 

2. Gain Relevant Skills 

Technical skills are a must when one wants to become a data scientist. To gain relevant skills, a candidate can take up a data science course. Here are the necessary skills: 

  • Knowing programming languages is important if one wishes to become a data scientist. SAAS, Python, SQL, Java, React, etc., are some of the programming languages that a data scientist must know. 
  • Data visualization includes creating charts and graphs. A data scientist must be able to create such statistical graphs or charts by using Tableau, Excel, etc. 
  • A data scientist must be able to use the software in order to process data easily using Apache, Spark, Hadoop, etc. 

3. Data Analysis Job 

There is no definite or fixed way to become a data scientist. But it is suggested to begin by having an entry-level job in order to become a successful data scientist. Look for job positions that deal with big data like business intelligence analyst, data analyst, data engineer, etc. Starting from an entry-level job, a candidate can gain experience and knowledge, thereby reaching up to high levels of becoming a data scientist. 

4. Preparing for Interviews

After gaining experience as a data analyst, you will feel ready to move to the job of a data scientist. If you are selected for an interview round, it is best to prepare for one! Data scientist positions can be extremely technical. Therefore, during an interview, it is best to prepare for technical and behavioral questions. Be prepared with ice-breaking questions like ‘tell us about yourself, ‘tell us about the experience gained’, and so on and so forth. Here are some other questions that you must prepare: 

  • What are the pros and cons of a linear model? 
  • Describe your experience with machine learning? 
  • What is a random forest? 
  • How will you use SQL for finding duplicate files in a data set?  

Aspiring data scientists must make sure that they keep all these pointers in mind. Follow these pointers and gain new skills in order to become a successful data scientist. 

Now, let us talk about one of the most important questions, i.e., the salary and career prospects after becoming a data scientist. Data science is a vast field, and the roles and responsibilities vary depending upon the experience and training one has gained. 

According to stats, the average salary of a data scientist is $122,000. There is a huge demand for data scientists all over the world. Thus, higher demand results in high salaries. The data science field is expected to grow more in the coming years. Thus, becoming a data scientist is a great career path. 


Data Scientist is a unique career path that can offer several career opportunities and high salaries. To become a good data scientist, one can take up the best data science course. These course subjects will help one gain relevant skills and sharpen the existing ones to excel in the field of data science. 

Candidates can also apply for the Data Science Bootcamp training to master tools and techniques of data science which can result in rapid career advancement. 


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