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Distinct Features of Digital Society

Looking back to the path we have treaded all along, we see the difference in the life we live today. Being a digitally viable society would mean adopting and integrating digital nexus in our home, life, and work. With the coming of the internet just a decade ago, we have witnessed its impact on our lives. Our life is nothing but digital these days. With the coming of the Corona Virus, this fact has much more highlighted itself. From friends to classes to transactions, everything is digitalized to such an extent that we would struggle to imagine how we would have dealt with this Novel Coronavirus had we not had the digital society we have today. It is important for each and every one among us to know what constitutes a digital society and to what extent is it advisable to go digital.

Today, let us try and list down some basic things which contribute towards making any digitally efficient society.

Reduced manual labor


The feature of developed nations and the goals of developing nations. What is digitalization if the human race does not benefit from it? Actually digitalizing would mean to be involved less in manual labor and more in technical or machinery or computer-based labor. This would, in the long run, make the human force less required because the tasks would be performed by the A.I. But, why did we say that it is not accessible for the developing nations? This is because there are a lot of people who require jobs to sustain themselves and those jobs cannot be redirected to an A.I. because it would certainly hike the unemployment rate in the third-world nations which are grappling with it. So, it is clear that to be a completely digital society, the need for human force will be required at a minimum rate.

Improved life of citizens


The definition of a machine reads, ‘anything which makes human life simple’. This is true in our lives too. We can imagine the shift and the turns our lives took after the coming of computers, the internet, and machinery of the like. Everything human beings do is directed to make lives easier and struggle free for every person in the world. The daily developments in the world of science with the coming of life-like robots to electrical toothbrushes, everything is possible because the human mind wants to make things go easier and more accessible to all. So, a digitalized society would be definitely a society that has to offer a better life to its citizens.

Increased communication speed


3rd December 1992 was the day when the very first S.M.S was sent over a Vodafone G.S.M network which read ‘’Merry Christmas’’. Who knew that this would make life so simple and easy for the future? With almost six billion texts sent daily worldwide, messages have simplified life and communication to a big extent. Now, fights and misunderstandings can be solved over the phone with fingers. This has also improved communication at the organizational level. The communicational barrier in organizations can happen when there are less modern ways of communicating. Who in the world does now write to the boss for laying down the grievances? Everything is done through a well-managed organizational system that completely functions digitally. So, be it personal or professional life, a digital society would excel in developing and offering ease in communication.

Increase in learning opportunities


There was a time when life goals were all about being an engineer, a doctor, or a teacher. The ambits of our lives were intertwined between these. But is this the case now? Surely not. The students nowadays think out of the box and are learning new skills every day through their gadgets. Affiliate marketing, freelancing, digital marketing, and even online teaching or graphic designing [there are tons of them] are possible and available to the children these days to try their hands on. Life has grown so much and opportunities have increased and are available worldwide, all you need is a device to give you information and a heart and mind which is ready to dream. A digital society is not traditional, it is not conventional but something that has a larger horizon for itself.

Changed education system


It would not be wrong to repeat ourselves because we cannot help but think that what would our children do if there was not any internet during Covid imposed lockdown? This would have been a literal blow on the government, the teachers, and the students alike. The present times have taught us the need and importance of digitalization on a global level. Our National Education Policy is also bent on giving the students an option of blended classes with both online and offline options. Digitalization in education began with the introduction of projectors and whiteboards in private and government schools. It actually makes learning an important and fun task for the students and helps them form a deeper connection with the A.I.

Changes on a global level


A country can be connected to another country only with the availability of digital networks. Climate changes, human rights issues, and every other important discovery and problem in and around the world can be channelized through digital societies. This will be even more helpful to the developing nations who can know about the going-ins in the world and ascertain for themselves where they need to change. So, definitely a digitalized society will be the one whose roots will grow deep and spread throughout the world and impose its impacts.

So, we got to know the features of digital society in a brief and succinct manner. Going digital has also implications that need to be addressed. You cannot go entirely digital because there are certain places where human resources are best needed and are impactful like the health sector and giving therapies, be it physical or emotional. A.I cannot replace us, the human power but it is there to aid us in life and make our lives easier and happier.

Happy digitalizing!


Jyoti Paudel
Jyoti Paudel
Jyoti is a student and a young, aspiring writer whose area of interest is writing on existing social issues to create awareness. Currently, she is pursuing her bachelor from the University of Delhi.

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