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Body Shaming in Indian Society

People like to look attractive and smart in this era. No one wants to look dumb or unattractive. In Indian society, people do not want to look unattractive at any place like work, school, in family, they do not want to down their impression.

In our society, beauty and ugliness define by the color, size, and shape of a human’s body. Nowadays all Indian men and women are suffering from body shaming. Men want to look tall and muscular, which makes them appear strong. And the other hand women want that she looks slim, fair-skinned, and have clear skin so she looks beautiful. This is how society categorized the definition of beauty and people want to look beautiful and attractive all the time.

However, Body shaming is affecting both men and women in India, but this is more stressful for women in a society like India. Women start using home remedies for skin and weight loss like aloe vera gel for skin, waxing, many face masks, and many other home remedies for good body shape. If women have a fat body she must want to join a gym or eat diet food to look slim and attractive.

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Our society has reached a point where fat-shaming has become synonymous with body shaming but that does not mean thin women are spared. Also, women who are thin, are ashamed of being too skinny and people advised them to wear full sleeves so they can hide their thin hands. People in our society throw all kinds of advice and insults at a woman so she feels less confident about her body.

Once upon a time, being fat was a symbol of being healthy and wealthy, and belonging to a wealthy family, but now everything is changing.

Media’s Role in Body Shaming

In this modern era, Media has played a significant role in promoting body shaming. Showing and considering all the impossible and fake to gain beauty standards that Bollywood and film industries have set over the years. Celebrities played role in many advertisements that how attractive and fair skin is important for impress someone.


Many food item advertisements and also cosmetic advertisements impact every individual who think that they don’t have an attractive personality. People influenced by celebrities, what they do for their attractive figure, and their healthy lifestyle. This impact is not good for every time because no one can afford costly food items and gym membership every month. Media show how celebrity show their body and their attractive personality.

Not only Media can affect people about body shaming, but nowadays social media is also the main factor of influence people. Our young generation affected by this the most. They show other people’s personalities and think low about themselves. You can make your body healthy but do not have shame about it. everyone is different in this world we can not compare ourselves to other people.

Having a poor body image and feel low all the time can lead you to several mental health issues, like stress, anxiety, and many more several conditions. Having a healthy body is not a bad thing. But our Indian culture has changed so much, the impact of social media changed people’s views and thinking.

Type of Body-Shaming

There are many types of body shaming that people effaced. Body shaming is a toxic effect that has to stop. If someone calls you ‘fat’ or ‘Black or dull’ do not take it negatively.

There are many types of Body-Shaming behaviors we can see:

  • We are in these type of society that ‘Beauty’ have many different ideas
  • In our Indian society, being fat shaming is exist if you are fat you always feel shame. After marriage and before marriage Indian people find slim and fair life partner.

Have confidence in yourself that you are perfect, who thinks that you are not fit to be attractive. Always think positive about yourself.

Fatema Kapadia
Fatema Kapadia
Fatema Kapadia is a creative content writer with a curious mindset. She is a graduate of English literature from MSU Vadodara. She is keen on topics related to current affairs, health, and social issues.

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