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What are the Subjects in B Tech CSE in India?

Despite the mushrooming of engineering colleges in India, getting into one is no cakewalk. You must have a solid academic record and have scored well in standard engineering entrance examinations. Quality extracurricular activities add value to the application for admission to renowned engineering schools.

Subsequently, India has become a popular destination for domestic as well as international students looking to pursue an engineering degree. From affordable tuition fees to industry exposure, top-ranked engineering schools are well-prepped to produce future engineers of the world.

If we talk about the most popular engineering branch, several surveys suggest that B Tech in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) has gained popularity in recent years. Attractive pay packages, promising career opportunities, and career mobility are the top reasons behind a large number of students opting for a B Tech CSE programme. 

Read on to learn more about B Tech CSE subjects and how studying in a renowned engineering school can help unlock your potential for an engineering career.

What does B Tech in CSE entail?

B Tech in Computer Science Engineering is a four-year undergraduate programme that deals with all aspects of creating a computer system. The course covers various topics related to computation, networking, data structures, math, algorithms, programming languages, advanced programming, program design, Java, databases, digital logic, operating systems, computer graphics, computer hardware, and software. 

B Tech CSE majorly covers skill-oriented subjects. The course curriculum is tailor-made to provide students with the foundational knowledge of various aspects of computer science over four years. Below we have compiled the topics that the B Tech CSE course covers over eight semesters. 

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B Tech in CSE: Syllabus

The four-year B Tech in CSE course covers topics such as the design, development, implementation, and management of computer systems. Here is the semester-wise breakup of the four-year B Tech CSE curriculum:

Semester 1Semester 2Semester 3Semester 4
Introduction to computer programmingModern PhysicsNumerical AnalysisEnvironmental Studies
CalculusLinear AlgebraDiscrete StructuresLogic Design
Economics Data Analysis and InterpretationData Structures and AlgorithmsDesign and Analysis of Algorithms
Chemistry Engineering graphics and designIntroduction to Electrical and Electronic CircuitsAutomata Theory and Logic
Workshop PracticeAbstractions and Paradigms in ProgrammingProbability and StatisticsSoftware Systems Lab
EnglishMathematicsComputer OrganisationInterfacing through Microprocessors
Applied PhysicsData ProcessingElectrical TechnologyData Communications
Engineering Drawing PracticeIC ApplicationObject-oriented programmingPrinciples of Programming Languages
Semester 5Semester 6Semester 7Semester 8
Computer ArchitectureArtificial IntelligenceElective 1Elective 4
Operating SystemsImplementation of Programming LanguagesElective 2Elective 5
Literature/Psychology/SociologyComputer NetworksElective 3Elective 6
Database and Information SystemsImplementation of Programming Languages LabInstitute Elective 1Institute Elective 2
Neuro-FuzzyCompiler DesignVisual ProgrammingComputer Communication
Data MiningComputer GraphicsImage ProcessingProject Management

Moreover, B Tech in the CSE programme syllabus is almost similar across all engineering colleges and universities in India. However, the quality of education, instruction strategy, and tutors’ experiences vary dramatically. Students must explore top engineering colleges in India to make a well-informed decision for a potential engineering career. Explore now!

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