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Best Fun Interior Designing Ideas for 2022

Today’s generation is the one that is shifting to clean spaces, professionally decorated workrooms, and cozy home interiors. Unclean, disorientated, and filthy rooms and spaces are out of style nowadays and the interior designing industry is only getting better and better with time. We all love something that soothes our eyes, so why not start with our own homes and rooms themselves? 

While there are several interior designing enthusiasts who wish to turn their rooms from drab to fab, we all agree that interior designers are expensive, and not all of us can afford them without having to think twice. Neither can they give you exactly what you want because of course, it’s them who are working on your interiors, not you! 

If Pinterest is your personal inspiration, then there’s a problem too. Like everything else on the internet, Pinterest has way too many options and while some may look charmingly aesthetic and give you the oh-so-perfect-decor vibes when you try your hand at it, you might miserably just fail to know that the process only sounds easy, but isn’t. It is just too much wastage of time and energy. It is our own space and we don’t want any hassle and stress to transform something that lends us good vibes ain’t it? 

Now with all that being said, we here aim to make all this ordeal a little less of a deal for you people. Without further ado, let’s find out some trendy interior designing ideas that are so in right now that you surely don’t want to miss out on them.  

1. Colours and patterns

Take a good look at the colors of your walls. Then research a little bit, dig in for some pictures of interiors with similar colors and figure out some patterns or shapes or geometrical designs that you find in the room, maybe in the rug or in the carpet or in wallpaper or in a wall hanging or even in a particular portrait. This style of coordinating different colors with some significant or bold pattern anywhere around the room gives the room an artistically inclined touch and is literally the easiest way to transform your space. Just make sure that the design or pattern makes a statement and contrasts well with the colors in your room. 

2. Wallpapers as the show stopper 

In interior designing, wallpapers are literally the most underrated form of home decor. No matter what your wall or kitchen cabinet or floor looks like, just by pasting on some wallpaper sheets it can make an unreal transformation almost incapable of belief. Just keep in mind to buy good quality wallpapers and again, play with different colors and prints while choosing the right one. Wallpapers won’t disappoint. 

3. Plants! 

Let us say that aloud. Plants are the ultimate game-changer for your interiors. Be it your workspace, your dining space, or your bedroom, the simple and the most affordable way to decorate your home is just by throwing in some plants. Add as many as you want, honestly. Be a little venturesome and experimental and do not buy fifty pieces of Areca palm and push it in all corners of the house.

That would just look like a forest more than a home. So instead invest in little, medium, and large houseplants for the interiors accordingly and maybe some outdoor plants for your balcony space. And make sure to add all the different types of plants within the same space for a fuller look. Don’t forget to take some inspiration from Pinterest here. 

4. DIY — make your own art 

Be adventurous, experiment with your choices, and go all out. What do you think makes a perfect-looking home? Investing a ton of money and just expecting to get things done properly? No! Instead you can create your own masterpiece!

There are more than the necessary number of Youtube tutorials on d-i-y home decor ideas and you can pick whatever suits your taste and style. Not only that, you can actually paint your own painting and frame it to the wall. You don’t need to be an artist for that, just look for some abstract art where you need ideas more than skills or play with colors for a more vibrant and welcoming look. 

5. Investing in antiques

If there is one thing about interior designing that can never go out of style, it is an Antique piece. While we agree that it takes huge investments in just affording one, plenty amount of research to buy a real antique and not land up with an artificial one, if undergone through all these strenuous processes of getting your hands on a worthy piece, boom, you probably need no words to convince that you have an artist’s eye to your guests who have come to visit you. Antiques are antiques, you know what :).  

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