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Some Bollywood Wedding Trends That Can Be Followed! 

Bollywood celebrity weddings are something that awaits the whole country enthusiastically every time of the year. Everyone is on the lookout for new trends and the traditions that the newly married couple took part in and fans are on the constant lookout for how their big, gorgeous, and glorious studies have turned out to be. Starting from Anushka-Virat to the recent most awaited wedding of Katrina-Vicky, the Bollywood wedding list has only gotten more exciting, trendy and has incorporated a perfect mix of tradition and fashion every single time. Let’s pinpoint some trends in the Bollywood wedding that broke the norms, all in a good, heartwarming way. 

Priest for a grand wedding, Yes, But a Female? 

Dia Mirza and Vaibhav Rekhi’s wedding has been fun, grand, and luxurious much like all the other celebs have been. But what stood their marriage out was really crazy and was very thoughtful on the couple’s part. They had opted for a female priest instead of the regular male one who chants Shaadi mantras and guess what, we love the defeat of patriarchy here.

Mother’s saree for the win 

Bollywood celebrities definitely have enough in their bank accounts to opt for a mesmerizing designer saree on their grand day and they will be going to any extent to make their wedding day luxurious and fancy, isn’t it? But not for Yami Gautam! Our queen of sustainability has adorned herself with a simple, ethnic heirloom saree that has been passed down from the hands of her mother, and needless to say, she rocked her look. 

Personalised incarnations 

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh got married in December 2019 where the Mastani actress had opted for a traditional red Sabyasachi lehenga. But what is really interesting is that her dupatta had incarnations:  “Sada Saubhagyavati Bhava” giving her lehenga that meticulous Indianness that was much celebrated by the country. Same with Patralekha and Rajkumar Rao who got hitched very recently in November 2021. Patralekha, the proud Bengali had a special message for Rao incarnated on her dupatta:  “Amar poraan bhora bhalobasha ami tomay somorpon korilam” and we all agree that it cannot get more adorable. 

Sindoor, but for the Groom? 

Yes, you heard that right. Patralekha and Rao got another step further in their marriage and it has clearly broken all stereotypes. After Patralekha was smeared with Sindoor on her forehead, her newly wedded husband, Rajkumar Rao had asked her to do him the same. They say marriage is a union between two people and with this touching act, Rao has claimed equality in the marriage between the two of them. And it has completely made us go wow and filled our hearts with love and respect for the beautiful couple. 

The minimal makeup look

It’s not a surprise that all the newly wedded celebrities have mostly gone nude and very light with their makeup. It is but a long day for the couples, and starting from Anushka Sharma who got married in 2018 to Katrina Kaif who got hitched just a few days back, the whole series of the Bollywood brides have taken to a natural and humble look for their big days, flaunting and embracing their natural selves. The divas who appear decked up with hours of makeup on screen have shown the flip side of them and have proven that going natural is now but the new beauty trend. 

There go our trendsetting Bollywood marriages and their not-so-common wedding scenarios. However with that being said, let’s quickly find out some more trends, styles, and fashion motivation for the soon-to-be brides and grooms that are actually inspired by none other than Bollywood. 

Layer your jewellery

Instead of opting for a humongous and heavy neckpiece, Bollywood wedding jewelry designers recommend going for one at a time to achieve a fuller and flaunting look. 

Wedding cards

Wedding cards are what marks the commencement and announcement of a wedding. Therefore it is of a very special consequence. To add a more personal touch to the wedding card, something that makes the guests feel invited cordially is to add designs derived from nature to give it an oh-so-perfect-love look and feel. The sight of greenery with lush leaves and pretty buds and petals, tell me, who won’t get carried away with such an adorable sight? 

Classical over modern 

Since it is a wedding, it is preferable to choose culture over western fashion. Tradition doesn’t have to be heavy or cliched at all, our Bollywood actors have proven time and again. A hairdo with a vibrant flower and a laal bindi on the center of the bride’s forehead, is there anything that can beat that beauty? 

Indian wedding locations 

A fancy and beautiful to look at wedding destinations only means international, is that what you think? If that’s your idea, the Bollywood celebrities like Vic-Kat, Natasha-Varun, Priyanka-Nick and many others on the list are here to prove you wrong. Not only will it save you money and energy, but it is convenient and will definitely give that “ghaar ki” feeling which is much needed in your Shaadi. There are a thousand places in India, some explored, some are getting explored gradually that are a perfect fit for a dreamy wedding for you. Our country too boasts of beautiful wedding places to accommodate its couples. 

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