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Siliguri: Unknown and Hidden

Places to Visit in Siliguri

As wonderful as a cityscape might look, and how so ever much it may allure, it’s always going to be the hills and beaches that will rejuvenate you. Today we have brought to you, a marvelous place Siliguri, filled with wonders and excitement. As well, it also has a lot of scenic views and peace to offer. Siliguri is a picturesque place set in the northeast Indian state of West Bengal. Sitting on the foot of the Himalayas, this place is besieged by large tea gardens and fragrances. It is home to the North Bengal Science Centre which is renowned for its planetarium. The beauty of Siliguri lies in the perfect mix of city and village. It can astound you and at the same time get you high.

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Sitting at an elevation of 2113ft, this place slowly converted into a town due to its connectivity and lately tourism. It serves as a base/major transit point for air, road, and rail traffic to neighboring countries. Its beautiful mountains give way to Darjeeling, and Jalpaiguri districts and hence making it the ‘Gateway of Northeast India‘.

Among all the things Siliguri is famous for, one is the Mazonia timber it has. This is highly durable timber and is sold across many shops in the region. We may make your trip to Siliguri once you are through this post. Let’s have a look at the countless things that can be done in and around Siliguri. We won’t disappoint you!

Gangtok Day Tours


Gangtok, Sikkim is a place with holy lakes, monasteries, viewpoints, and a lot more. Sikkim is different because of its authenticity. The products sold here are organic and a whole different department tends to all the needs that assure proper functioning of many temples, monasteries, mosques, churches, gurudwaras, etc. Sikkim also has the third highest mountain in the world at a height of 8586m i.e. Mt. Kanchenjunga. There are day tours available and one-way tours available also.

Road Trips to Sikkim


Journey to the heart of Sikkim is filled with beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing sunsets. The beauty of the Himalayas in its rawest form can be experienced on this journey. And well, we have already read what all Sikkim has on a plate for us!

Tour to Darjeeling


At 6700ft, this hill station is scenic and colorful. It has tea fields covering the longest stretches that can be seen. Toy train of Darjeeling is also another famous and UNESCO acclaimed Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

Although Siliguri is the base for all these beautiful journeys and destinations, it itself has a lot to offer:



Wherever you go in India, temples and religious places are a must-have. The devotion of our country as a religious one is renowned in the whole wide world. International Society for Krishna Consciousness is devoted towards worshipping Lord Krishna and has a series of temples not only in India but throughout the world. One such marvel of architecture, this temple lies in the heart of Siliguri with beautiful idols and bhajans.

Kali Mandir


Located in the sevoke area it is also called Sevokeshwari Kali Temple. It is located near Coronation Bridge and that panoramic view can be seen from the mandir since a large number of steps are needed to be climbed up to reach the mandir. It is surrounded by dense green forest and has attracted pilgrims and tourists from far and wide with its serenity and astounding view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. 

After mandirs, there are many malls to be visited and to have a little bit of that city fun.

Cosmos Mall

Pic source – cosmossiliguri

Opened in 2008, this mall gave worldly opportunities to the place. Buzzing with the crowd on weekends, it is the perfect place to feel at home if you’re missing your big city in our quiet Siliguri. It is unlike any other mall, a mall with a Big Bazaar store, plus fashion, cosmetics & home retailers, eateries & frequent events.

Vega Circle Mall

Pic source – scai

Assuming one is far away from the cosmos mall; one could always look for more options. After all, they all have opened to bring newer things to town. Vega circle mall in Siliguri is built-in mysterious ways. It has a semi-circle-shaped wall on the outside and den-like yet well-lit allies on the inside.

Hong Kong Market


One can never be too dependent on a mall for a large shopping spree. Siliguri has all the solutions for it. The Hong Kong market is a place for all age groups. From accessories to home decor, clothes and electronics, one can find anything here. If you want a nice family shopping time or you want to buy gifts for your loved ones back at home, this is the place for you!

Bengal Safari


Hopping back to the nature safari is an amazing place to enjoy it. The dense forests of the safari are homes to many herbivores and carnivores. The national animal of India and an endangered species, the Tiger is protected here. The safari timings for the herbivores are every one hour till 1530 hours and for Tiger every half an hour till 1630 hours. It remains closed on a Monday.

Banglabandh Zero Point


It is a major inland port between India and Bangladesh that has been acting as a link for trade. Nepali transport trucks are not allowed entry into Bangladesh and must exchange their cargo at the “zero point” of the Indo-Bangladesh border. This India-Bangladesh border is not fully operated and hence processions may take place here.

Bike Riding


Is there any hill in India that does not provide bike-riding in the whole tour? Well, maybe it’s not half as bad. Bike riding is believed to release the mood stabilizer hormone serotonin. At the same time, it covers miles in lesser time and lesser exhaustion as compared to walking. It is a blessing in disguise. Once you fall in love with bike riding, there is no coming back from it since all it does is help uplift your mood and make travel easier.

Science City


Well, all our Bengali friends have made it evident to us how progressive their thoughts and how deep-rooted their cultures are. Bengal is famous for its education, culture, and literature. And of course the science museum! It is a highly reputable institution and is famous for its Planetarium and Nature Interpretation Centre. It is a vibrant science center under the National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India working for the dissemination of science to all strata of society so that the benefits of scientific advancements may reach each and every one to ensure the development of society in true sense. 

Amusement Parks

Pic source – youtube

Be it, kids or adults, the amusement park is a place for everybody. The joy it confers makes everyone’s heart almost child-like. If you have come to Siliguri with family, this is a must-visit. Savin Kingdom Amusement Park and Dreamland Amusement Park are the two options one could have!

There are never enough words one can choose to explain how beautiful this country is. There are many places to be visited and many memories to be created. Siliguri is one such place with a recuperating charm to itself. And we do not want you to miss out on it!

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Himani Arora
Himani Arora
Himani Arora is a biochemist and a writer with a keen inclination towards travelling. She believes in humanity and feminism, and voices her concerns towards gender disparity and oppression of women throughout the world. She is currently pursuing M.Sc. in Sports Biochemistry at Central University of Rajasthan.

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