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Ramoji Film City – The Enigma & Awe 

The art of Film-making has never been so hassle-free as it is in the modern day. With the advent of different film studios throughout the country, each providing the best-suited constituents required for an efficient direction and production, it has been a lot simpler for the picture companies and production houses since then.

Similarly, as the competition grew, one Telugu Film producer named Sri Ramoji Rao had thoughts of constructing a studio similar to the Universal Studios in the United States. The brick of foundation was laid by Ramoji Rao only, which finally came to life in the name of ‘Ramoji Film City’ in 1996. The land measuring almost 1666 acres, where Ramoji Film City is situated is nearly 30kms away from the city of Hyderabad in the Rangareddy district and is covered with dense greenery and some minor mountains. It is assured that no tree is cut and no mountain is shortened from the land. Fim City is currently owned by the Ramoji Group only.

The magnificent blueprint of the entire film city was of Mr. Nitish Roy, the art director of Ramoji Film City complex who is himself a Bengali Film Director, known for his work with art cinema directors, Shyam Benegal, Mrinal Sen, and Govind Nihalani alongside Hindi mainstream directors like Rajkumar Santoshi, and also added international directors like Mira Nair and Gurinder Chadha. He turned the sprawling land of 2000 acres into a magical world of wonders.

The entire film city construction took years and a big sum of 100,00,00,000 (100 crores) was spent for the film production sets, manpower, and resources within the film city. As per the words of the Vice president of the film city, “Ramoji Rao Garu always had a dream to provide a one-stop facility for a movie maker entering the studio with script must leave the studio with film done”. He made his dream come true by housing the film city with 47 soundstages, 50 studio floors, 12 power substations, preview theatres, prop warehouses, outdoor movie sets, movie laboratories, a huge central kitchen, and green landscapes. The studio also provided all the post-production work of the movies like dubbing studios, musical theatres, post-production theatres, editing, and processing labs.

Ramoji Film City, one of the most popular spots in Hyderabad, is considered India’s one and only thematic Holiday destination. It is a perfect combo of tourism as well as a recreation park, comprising several natural and artificial attractions including an amusement park. Over 1.5 million tourists visit Ramoji Film city every year.

The Journey


The ticket prices may appear a little costly, but after a day-out at Ramoji Film City, one never regrets it regardless of whether the person is a cine buff or not. It is preferable to reach the spot early so that one can cover the major part of the studio within a day. After ticket purchase, a bus (run by the film city only) takes people up to 8kms to the main entrance of Ramoji Film City. From here, visitors will be moving from one part of the place to another on Red Vintage buses. These buses are different from the ones which bring us to the main gate and are very cozy and the travel is enjoyable.

The entire set of the charismatic Indian Film ‘Bahubali’ can be seen here with all the antics and props used while shooting. There is also a ‘Bahubali Cafeteria’ in this particular place where tourists can even take part in a special activity known as the ‘Bahubali Biryani challenge’.

The next stop one encounters is the Central Jail model set, where all film adaptations involving a prison or prisoners can be shot. But the thing which everyone finds amazing is the railway station where few imitated rail coaches are kept with a steam engine look alike which can be used for period films. Popular films like Chennai Express were shot here only.

There is an airport and an airplane also. The hospital, the representation of the Chawk Bazar from Mumbai, the temple, which literally raises devotion among people though it’s not an actual temple, has always been highly admired. The beautiful Leg garden, the Princess street of London, and the Hawa Mahal just trigger a sense of tranquillity. There are BSFs i.e. Big Shooting Floors, where directors and producers construct sets according to their film’s requirements.

Nature, refreshments and sports


Talking about the Eco-Tourism here, we can witness a mega diversity of Flora and Fauna at little plots like Vaman Bonsai, the Butterfly Garden, and the Bird Park where birds worth lakhs thrive in the aviary of Ramoji Film City, called Wings which is one of the finest Bird Parks in the whole country.

This place is also embedded with cultural diversity as well. Manipuri, Odishi, Rajasthani, different dance forms are performed here and there. Time flies briskly here at Ramoji Film City. The Kripalu Caves, the Bhagwatam is an excellent illustration of glorious sculpture.

The Adventure Park is called ‘Sahas’ where tourists can perform numerous recreational activities like ATVs, high rope course, zipline, archery, target shooting, etc. Children can relish here to their heart’s content.

The amusement theme park known as ‘Eureka’, which means joy, is truly spectacular and gives justice to its name as well. A big board is put up here mentioning the Guinness World Record that the place holds for being the World’s Largest Film Studio Complex. Here we have the Amphitheaters which organizes live shows and play areas for kids. Food and cuisine are never a headache here as there is no inadequacy of restaurants, cafes, and drive-ins. The Film City also has its own merchandise shop too. The Winter Fest celebrated here is known to be splendid and awe-inspiring.

Management in Ramoji Film City

Employees in Ramoji Film City maintain a specific strategic time up as they have to work for long hours and they are very friendly to the environment and very polite to the tourists. The work culture in the film city is very prompt and on the dot. All the employees spadework according to shifts and look energetic throughout the day in the film city. The hierarchy and promotion levels are amended depending on the performance and work ethics every year.

They have the best teams allocated for every sector in the studio, hence, there is no mess and dirt found anywhere in the studio. Employees working here have a lot of patience, great skills in time management and in artwork and most of the employees found here are working for years and they have built a good relationship with the management of the film city. The management provides great opportunities for the employees working here like providing facilities and assistance to their families and children.

Ramoji Film City has an unblemished management staff trained under professional event management leads. The man management within the studio is very strategic in multitasking as they have to manage different events, tours, tourists, programs, and shootings taking place in the film city. They design the work of employees, guide the hospitality team and check on the queries and complaints received on the online portal of Ramoji film city.

Ramoji Film City also provides employment and livelihood to thousands of people and has become a prominent entertainment place in Hyderabad and is widely cherished by the world.


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