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Dried Fish / Sukhua – Nourishing Palates Globally and Empowering Livelihoods

Dried fish, known as Sukhua, is not confined to regional tastes but has become a culinary tradition appreciated globally. Embraced for its unique flavors and versatility, Sukhua transcends cultural boundaries.

While Sukhua has deep roots in Odisha, its popularity extends beyond borders. Global communities have adopted this culinary gem, showcasing its adaptability to various cuisines and preferences.

The art of sun-drying fish, a traditional method, has found its way into kitchens worldwide. Different cultures have infused their techniques, contributing to the global appeal of Sukhua.

Geographical influences and local preferences worldwide contribute to the diversity of Sukhua. From Asian markets to European kitchens, each region adds its own twist to this global delicacy.

Preservation Methods and Diverse Sukhua Varieties

Drying Fish
Drying Fish

Salting Techniques Around the World

Preservation methods for Sukhua vary globally, with salt playing a central role. Different regions have developed unique salting techniques, adding distinctive flavors to their Sukhua varieties.

Globally Celebrated Sukhua Varieties

Sukhua is not a singular experience globally. The world relishes an array of Sukhua varieties, each with its own cultural significance. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, diverse Sukhua forms enrich global culinary landscapes.

The Nutritional Fortunes of Sukhua

Winter Wellness on a Global Scale

Recognized for its nutritional benefits, Sukhua becomes a global go-to dish during winters. Communities worldwide value its richness in calcium, vitamin B9, vitamin E, and proteins for winter health.

A Nutrient-Rich Choice for All Ages

Beyond regional preferences, Sukhua becomes a global choice for all age groups. Its nutrient profile appeals to health-conscious individuals worldwide, making it a versatile addition to international diets.

Culinary Delights: Sukhua Finds Its Place in International Cuisine

Dried fish on market
Dried fish on market

Versatility on the Global Breakfast Table

Sukhua’s versatility extends to international breakfast tables. From savory to sweet preparations, global kitchens experiment with Sukhua, making it a morning delight across continents.

International Sukhua Preparations

As Sukhua travels globally, it takes on new forms in international kitchens. From fusion dishes to traditional recipes, the global culinary scene embraces Sukhua in various exciting ways.

Challenges Faced by Major Global Sukhua Markets

The Struggle for Infrastructure Globally

Even on a global scale, markets specializing in Sukhua face infrastructure challenges. Despite growing demand, ensuring adequate facilities remains a global concern.

Coping with Fluctuating Salt Prices on a Worldwide Scale

Rising salt prices impact Sukhua markets globally. The delicate balance between production costs and market demand challenges traders on a worldwide scale.

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Empowering Lives Globally Through Sukhua Production

Collaborative Global Initiatives

Recognizing the global appeal of Sukhua, international collaborations aim to empower communities worldwide. Initiatives focus on knowledge-sharing and technology transfer for sustainable Sukhua production.

Elevating Women’s Roles Across Continents

Women’s empowerment through Sukhua production is not limited to one region. Collaborations on a global scale target enhancing the capacity of women in the aquatic foods production sector.

Market Expansion and Quality Standards on a Global Scale

Sukhua’s Global Demand

The demand for Sukhua extends beyond local markets. Niche markets in various countries, from Asia to Europe, reflect the global appreciation for this dried fish delicacy.

International Standards and Quality Assurance

Recognizing the global market, efforts focus on quality improvement. Certifications by international bodies enhance consumer trust and contribute to the sustained growth of Sukhua worldwide.

Aquatic Food Systems: A Key Player in Global Agriculture

Technical Innovations for Global Market Access

Specialized fishery organizations worldwide provide technical inputs for global market access. This collaboration enables producers to reach not only neighboring states but also overseas markets.

Global Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

As the world acknowledges the importance of aquatic food systems, global collaboration becomes imperative. Stakeholders must work together coherently to ensure a transformative impact on the lives of individuals across continents.


In conclusion, Sukhua emerges as a global culinary phenomenon, enriching the palates of diverse communities worldwide. Despite challenges, the collaborative efforts of global stakeholders promise a sustainable and transformative future for Sukhua on the international stage.

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Ravi S. Behera
Ravi S. Behera
Mr. Ravi Shankar Behera, PGDAEM, National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), Hyderabad is an independent freelance Consultant and Author based in Bhubaneswar. He is an Honorary Advisor to grassroots Voluntary Organizations on Food Security, Forest and Environment, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change and Social Development issues. Ravi has lived and worked in various states of India and was associated with international donors and NGOs over the last twenty three years including ActionAid, DanChurchAid, Embassy of Sweden/Sida, Aide et Action, Sightsavers, UNICEF, Agragamee, DAPTA and Practical Action. He has a keen interest in indigenous communities and food policy issues.

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