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Best Places to Visit in New Year

This year also flew by like none other, and a new year is approaching. We all await to celebrate Christmas with our friends and family, travel to the best places, engross ourselves with the best scenic beauties in front of us, and with that being said, it’s unbelievable from where 25th December has passed too. Now it’s the end of the year, but wait, there’s still joy left. There’s still a lot of celebration, a lot of traveling that needs to be done. Why? Because 31st December is knocking at your door. It’s New Year guys, the time to lay down all the terrible past and welcome new beginnings. And that can fruitfully be done by spending quality time with our near and dear ones and visiting the places that are just suited for spending the last day of the year with as much joy and happiness as possible only to look back down memory lane.

Therefore, let’s get you through some spotlessly beautiful places to spend the new year and relive your happy times. 

Udaipur, Rajasthan 

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Plan out the trip to be awed by the exquisiteness of the royal palaces, and roam around the heavy markets to explore merchandise that gives you the special taste of Royal Rajasthan. Not only that, on the 31st night, banquets, fireworks and parties are held all around to get you hooked on the land’s majestic beauty. 

Kolkata, West Bengal 

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It’s no surprise that the City of Joy is one of the most remarkable places to spend the new year in. Places like Park Street especially glitter and shine with the new year lights, crackers, and songs. People live their best times and there seems to be an air of exultation everywhere. If you are looking for a short but fulfilling trip on a budget, look no further. 


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Also known as the “Party Capital of the Country”, Goa is the one-stop-shop for you if you are looking to have a bash this new year. With unlimited choices of liquor, alcohol, party songs, and dance floors, Goa is one of the most visited places during the new year. People leave behind all responsibilities and give themselves away to the charms of Goa and its beachside parties. 

Ooty, Tamil Nadu 

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Ooty, one of India’s top new year locations, is one of those places that visitors should make a point of visiting if they want to ring in the new year in quiet and away from the city hullabaloo. Ooty is a place unlike any other, with serenity and tranquility enveloping the atmosphere of this lovely getaway. Going to Ooty would be a terrific idea for individuals who want to spend their New Year’s Eve with particular people rather than going to loud celebrations.


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If you love adventure and being a daredevil runs through your nerves, what better time to charge your spirits than New Year. Prepare to party on New Year’s Eve 2021 in one of India’s cheap places by paragliding, surfing, diving, parasailing, and windsurfing. Relax on the golden sands of Diu Island and swim in the clear seas of Nagoa Beach. Diu has everything you could want in terms of adventure at unbeatable affordability. 

Kodaikanal,Tamil Nadu 

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If you plan on a short romantic getaway on New Year and see yourself cycling, horseback riding, boating in the crystal blue waters of Kodai Lake, and hiking in the highlands this year with your partner, you can have all of this and more for a very low price! Not only that, you can offer yourselves homemade chocolates and fresh fruits and so much more. Kodaikanal is one of India’s most enchanting New Year’s Eve attractions. 

Manali, Himachal Pradesh

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The December snowfall adds to the attractiveness of this already lovely destination. This town is a beautiful place to start the New Year. The enjoyment of a bonfire, combined with its chilly environment, doubles the fun of New Year’s celebrations. Evenings in Manali are also as enchanting as they can get. 

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