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9 Best Apps for Windows 10 in 2021

Hey all techie guys out there, hope all’s going well. Regardless of how many features and productivity enhancements that Microsoft keeps on adding to the windows experience, we all know that we love installing new apps every day to enhance the overall experience and productivity of our system. And if you are one such, you are at the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the 9 BEST APPS FOR WINDOWS 10 IN 2021. So without any further delay, let’s dive into the article.

9 Best Apps for Windows 10 in 2021


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We are living in a digitally connected world where all our personal data, bank details, and n number of things are all digitalized. So, the first thing we need to do is protect our online activity and identity and in order to do that get a VPN and what more than ‘PROTON VPN. PROTON VPN has all the great features that it packs in such as net shield, secure code, and much more. It’s one of the rare free VPNs that gives you unlimited data and bandwidth. It also does not log your browsing activity and ensures that no government can snoop into your data. It uses 256-bit data encryption to safeguard your data from hackers and also offers an open VPN. It also offers proton mail to further protect your online activity, end-to-end encryption, and further greater security features to keep your communications private. Also, it doesn’t track your IP address. Do check with it, folks.

2. Paint.NET

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We all need a good and powerful photo editor in today’s times. Now regardless of whether you are a noob or an advanced user ‘Paint.NET’ should suffice all your photo editing needs. It offers a tab interface allowing working with multiple projects simultaneously and provides all the tools available in premium editors like Photoshop. The interface although seems to be quite outdated it’s user-friendly and easy to adapt to.

3. Spotify Music

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Spotify is as well available on the Windows Store, meaning you are not required to download the desktop version in order to enjoy listening to some great classics and hits. This app is a must-have app for all the music and podcasts lovers out there. It also includes every feature you would find on the Spotify app on any other platform. This makes it the most loved and accepted music app. The recommendations of Spotify are just perfect for you and simply great.

Spotify has a clean user-friendly interface and it’s a simple-to-use app. You can easily switch from desktop to mobile.

4. Fresh Paint

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Fresh Paint is a drawing app for realistic paint. Fresh Paint is a simple yet efficient free graphic design software that can be very helpful in managing your desktop and adding new colors to your background. This app offers a handful of useful features like easy navigation, customizable options, great drawing tools, and high-quality images.

Fresh Paint is available in both free and paid versions but the paid version offers many more features than the free version.

5. Duolingo

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Learning new foreign languages is no more a herculean task. Duolingo is a language learning app that allows the user a game-like interface where you are able to play the language game from anywhere provided one is having an internet connection. It offers languages like Spanish, French, German, Japanese, etc. One can learn the language at one’s own pace and set a practice reminder, reminder time. It also tracks your weekly progress, followers, friend activity, etc. So what are you waiting for learn a language of your choice and share the joy around.

6. Visual Studio Code

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Hey, all programmers out there, VS Code is an IDE for Mac, Windows, Linux. VS Code is a text editor that can be used with a variety of programming languages including C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, etc.

It provides a very adaptive user interface and you are able to build, edit and debug blocks of code with it very easily. It has all the extensions that you will need, provides auto-indentation, colored text for error classification, and the help bar in case you get stuck anywhere. So, let’s dive into the world of coding.

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7. Grammarly

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Every student has some assignments or projects to be completed every now and then. This is when an app like Grammarly comes into the picture. The name itself suggests that it’s a tool to check your grammar. Most importantly it’s ‘Free’. Grammarly is available online on the web, you can also install it or add an extension to your chrome.

It helps you in improving the writing quality by identifying and correcting grammatical errors. These errors can be related to spelling, vocabulary, punctuations,  structure of a sentence. It also offers add-ons that integrate with every browser and comes along with features like built-in grammar advice, vocabulary enhancement, and professional proofreading. You can write all types of documents from e-mails to resumes in Grammarly.

8. OneNote

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One of the best note-keeping apps for students is Microsoft OneNote. OneNote comes with a wide array of features. This app allows you to take quick notes, capture information, manage notes, insert pictures, videos, tables. It helps you connect your ideas efficiently. It is designed in a notebook style and so it helps you organize your stuff very well. The cherry on the cake is that, if you are using a two-in-one laptop with a stylus you can use it just like a proper traditional notebook. Indeed saving pages and going environment friendly.

9. Netflix

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Hey buddy, it’s time to ‘Netflix and chill’. With the Netflix application, you can easily stream all of your favorite movies, web series, shows, etc. Whether you want to catch a movie or series on one screen or across multiple monitors, with this software you have the power to do it all.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog. Keep reading and exploring.

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