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Is Psychotherapy Truly Beneficial For You?

Should we be mentally unstable to see a therapist? Why do we even need therapy? What are the benefits? Are there any side effects too? These are the questions running through your mind after reading the word “therapy or psychotherapy“.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, also called counseling, any form of treatment for psychological, emotional, or behavior disorders in which a trained person establishes a relationship with one or several patients for the purpose of modifying or removing existing symptoms and promoting personality growth.

People having no major concern in their life may think that they have no reason to seek it. But this is not the case, here are some points to validate therapy: with one or several patients for the purpose of modifying or removing existing.

If you are thinking that you have your family or friends as therapists, then it might not help for long.

  1. People around us have their preconceived beliefs and judgements about things.
  2. Their thoughts and opinions also differ through different subjects and experiences.
  3. They might not be experience of variety of life situations people face, so, may fail to give proper solutions to solve or overcome situations.
  4. People have a habit of spilling secrets, and it is hard for them to keep them confidential.
  5. People may not be able to keep track out things happening in your life. They might not always be free to hear your concerns.

Importance of Therapists

Young woman talking with a professional therapist
Young woman talking with a professional therapist

They are trained professionals; they know how things will work out in probable situations. They will not judge your problem as small or big, nor they will shout, scold,or judge you. They keep it confidential, are unbiased and nonjudgmental. They will keep updates about your problems and the progresses you are making during this. They will involve you and work with you to actively find solutions.

They are always ready to solve your queries and prove themselves helpful in improving life quality. They will make you aware of prevailing mental illnesses and ways to avoid them. Their priority in therapy is always the safety and well-being of the patient. Also, you won’t feel guilty wasting the other’s time explaining your concerns as it is their job to listen.

What does Therapy aim for?

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Psychological help

It aims for mindfulness and self-awareness. People may learn new things or two about themselves. They may learn lifelong coping skills. They help to make thoughtful, conscious, and empathic choices. It emphasizes greatly personal growth. Help people live their best lives. It makes you aware of toxic behavior, self-care, and dangers of the emotions.

Difference between Psychotherapy and Counseling

Although the terms “counselor” and “psychotherapist” are often used interchangeably and have many similarities, there are also some important differences. Counseling is a short-term treatment that focuses on dealing with specific problems.

Psychotherapy is a long-term therapy that helps people identify and explore recurring themes and problems. It addresses the root causes and core issues of current problems so that lasting change and personal growth can occur.

In general, counseling is recommended for specific problems and situations, such as addiction or bereavement, and lasts for weeks to months.

Identifying the Mental illness

Word Help engraved in a sweet heart-shaped candy, couples therapy concept.
  • Having strange beliefs or behaviors.
  • Being sad for more than a day or continuously for weeks altogether.
  • Extreme mood swings in a short period of time.
  • Checking same things again and again numerous times.
  • Talking to oneself or imaginary identity for hours.
  • Being overwhelmed by stimulus from outside or without any specific condition that you are unable to move.
  • Constant imaginary voices or visuals or both(hallucinations).

Recognizing the patterns early can help for a better treatment and recovery ratio. If you are in a doubt or you suffer from any of the above-given symptoms, note down the pattern of symptoms (if possible) and consult to a psychiatrist or atleast your healthcare physician.

Reasons for studying abnormal behavior and mentality

As it is all around us, it raises many questions: how to react?

Mental Health Disorders File
Mental Health Disorders File

What should I do to help? Who develops mental illness? Does this happen to someone close to you? The key to answering these questions is understanding what anomalous behavior and thoughts mean and the different pathways to get there, which thoughts and actions can deviate from the “normal” path.

Reality check

Therapy is no magic. A therapist can only guide you through. Without giving effort yourself, no improvement can be promised. You should be ready to give yourself in for things to happen. Keep in mind that not every therapist or therapy might work for you. What may work for you well might not always work for others. Make sure that the therapist is certified and trusted before seeking therapy.

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